Just like good quality clothing, great grooming products can help you look and feel your best. While our grooming routines can vary from a simple wash and go to full-on pampering, a well-curated selection of quality products is all it takes to make this time count.

From high street brands to more boutique labels, we’ve rounded up the best of the best when it comes to male grooming, so you know where to go when your regime needs a little boost – be it a new treatment for your beard or an under eye cream that’ll keep you looking fresh all day.

Whether you’re looking for bargain products or want to invest in something more effective, look no further than our favourites below.

Geo F Trumper

This London-born brand knows pretty much everything when it comes to the perfect cut and shave, having operated its own salons in the capital since the late 19th century.

Its rich expertise is even more evident when you pick up its products, which are both beautifully packaged and high in quality, making the grooming process a real treat.

Available at Niven and Joshua.

Molton Brown

This upmarket label also has its origins in London hair salons, evolving from one store back in 1973 into one of the biggest cosmetic success stories in British history.

Today, Molton Brown can be found in luxury department stores worldwide, with its men’s offering focusing on body washes and skincare in a range of delicious scents.

Available at moltonbrown.co.uk.

L’Oréal Paris Men Expert

We’ve all seen those adverts where Hugh Laurie attempts to make skincare look cool, but L’Oréal Paris’ Men Expert range is not to be laughed at – it offers everyday men quality products at accessible prices.

The brand’s product line also covers a whole host of bases, whatever your needs, from basic eye creams to products created specifically for particular skin types.

Available at Boots and Superdrug.


If it’s premium products that will last you a lifetime that you’re after, be sure to invest in something from Shiseido. The Japanese brand’s breakthrough treatments will prove their worth after just a few uses, with many men swearing by its everyday moisturisers and facial washes.

The brand’s simple, minimalist packaging is also a clincher – sure to look great in any bathroom.

Available at House of Fraser.

Lab Series

UK-based Lab Series is all about skincare, offering products for every step of your grooming routine. The brand also aims to educate men, offering free consultations with ‘Lab Experts’ via its website or over the phone, for when you find yourself inundated with choice.

We’d recommend its Multi-Action Face Wash for a high quality all-rounder.

Available at labseries.co.uk and at Boots.

Nivea Men

We challenge you to find someone who hasn’t heard of Nivea – chances are, you won’t. The brand has been widely loved since it launched in the 1800s, and can still be relied on to this day for affordable products that actually work.

If you have sensitive skin or more complex conditions, the Nivea Men range offers great solutions that are kind to your complexion.

Available at Boots and Superdrug.


Just like the female arm of its brand, Clinique’s men’s skincare range is continuously praised for achieving real results.

With a three-step program custom made for male skin, you can pick up products for every step of your routine all in one place. We’re also fans of its sleek and simple grey packaging, perfect for a no-fuss grooming experience.

Available at clinique.co.uk and at Mankind.


This American grooming brand started as just one pharmacy in New York, later expanding to a chain of over 250 stores around the world.

Retaining its original branding and authentic feel, Kiehl’s has continued to attract a young, health conscious crowd over its long lifespan, including a large percentage of men compared to rival brands. And with such stylish products, it’s easy to see why.

Available at kiehls.co.uk and at John Lewis.


If your skin requires more than just a shower and slap of soap every day, UK-born Dermalogica may be the one for you.

Specialising in expert facial products developed for specific skin conditions and types, you’re sure to find something to help you look your healthiest. Give its shave series a go for a smooth finish that minimises damage.

Available at John Lewis.


Characterised by the quintessentially British canine, Bulldog is a brand for your unashamedly manly man. With taglines for its products including ‘Don’t be a wrinkly old beast’, there’s no shame when it comes to this label, promising straightforward products designed specifically for men and made with only natural ingredients.

The affordable prices will brighten up your face too.

Available at meetthebulldog.com and Feel Unique.

Baxter Of California

From hair styling to the perfect shave, this luxurious, gentlemanly brand has it all in hand. If the outward appeal of Baxter of California’s suave packaging isn’t enough to draw you in, perhaps its sophisticated grooming accessories will – think soft hair shave brushes and beautiful tortoiseshell beard combs.

We challenge you not to fall for its authentic old school aesthetic.

Available at Niven and Joshua.