Tread carefully, son, because lighter, washed out denim is back on the fashion agenda (and shop shelves). It’s undergone an image upgrade for summer 2015, coming in a wider variety of fits, cuts and washes than ever before.

But it’s not something you can just pick up, chuck on and hope for the best, like your faithful black skinnies. There are rules to consider if you want to style out the stonewashed trend without looking like the missing member of a boyband no-one cares to remember or – even worse – your dad.

With this in mind, we’ve outlined five foolproof ways to wear light wash jeans, below.

1. Double Or Quits

As a FashionBeans reader and, therefore, a veritable style maven, you surely don’t need convincing on the merits of double denim. But perhaps you’re yet to experiment with doubling up on lighter shades.

Granted, in your old man’s hands, paring two washed out denim pieces together can look a bit naff. But if the combination is carefully considered, comprises quality cuts from specialist brands (think Nudie, Levi’s, A.P.C. and the like) and sets slightly different washes against each other, it can look fresh as hell, in a pleasingly on-trend, 1990s way.

Top Tip: Try using a belt in a contrasting colour to add definition between your top and bottom half.

Bally SS15

2. Busted Knees

You’ll have already clocked the rising popularity of ripped jeans. Well, guess what – they’re not going anywhere.

So if you want a new way to style out the trend, having tired of your skinny black pair, opt for a lighter shade instead. Distressed denim combined with a stonewash effect makes for jeans that look like they’ve really lived.

Wear yours with a broken in T-shirt and chunky pair of Docs for a modern take on the traditional indie aesthetic.

3. Effortlessly Louche

Sticking with the distressed theme, throwing together a white Oxford shirt – no need for it be ironed – with a pair of stonewashed ripped jeans is your shortcut to establishing an effortlessly cool Bohemian aesthetic.

Finish with a pair of Birkenstocks, some well-placed pieces of jewellery and some hefty turn-ups to really nail that sense of nonchalance.

Scotch & Soda Amsterdams Blauw Resort 2015

4. Basic Britches

The only thing standing between you and cutting a dodgy Euro vibe is the addition of fussy shirt with those washed jeans.

Instead of looking like you’re about to go on a night out in Riga, play things simple in a pared-back outfit comprising quality denim, a white T-shirt and neutral crew neck jumper.

In terms of footwear, keep it classic with some minimal leather trainers or light tan suede boots.

Zara 2015

5. Pick Your Fit

Fit is everything with lighter washes. Unless you’re the owner of pipe cleaners for legs, skinny jeans in pale colours can look extremely unflattering.

So, side-step skin tight cuts and select a pair of slim-fit jeans that sit nice and close to the leg without clinging to your muscley/flabby bits.

Again, turn-ups are essential, as is a quality pair of loafers to round things off (worn sockless, of course).

Image: Massimo Dutti SS15