It’s officially summer, which, aside from beers in the park and a seemingly endless sea of festivals to attend, can only mean one thing: it’s time to pack your trunks and go on holiday.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, going on a break no longer means you have to leave behind your favourite gadgets. Portable music devices such as wireless speakers are fast becoming must-have audio accessories, with their ability to transform your humble mp3 player into a veritable boombox proving well worth the price tag.

Here we pick out the portable music devices that fully deserve their spot in your suitcase this summer.

Philips SoundShooter Wireless Speaker

At less than £25, the Philips SoundShooter wireless speaker is a steal, and the perfect device to take away on a rough and ready vacation.

Its diminutive size and barrel shape mean it’s perfectly suited to stowing away in a backpack, while it also comes with a clip attachment and an eco-friendly rechargeable battery.

Stream your music via Bluetooth, and with up to eight hours of music playback, this little gem will outlast any holiday party.

Available at Amazon, priced £24.

Jabra Solemate Mini Wireless Speaker

The Jabra Solemate was definitely designed with holidays in mind. It’s dust, sweat and splash resistant and even has a raised, scalloped stand to protect its underside from whatever outdoor surface it might be sitting on.

It’s better suited to personal listening, as it loses its clarity at loud volumes, but whether you’re poolside, trekking or on a coach trip, it makes the ideal travel companion.

Available at Amazon, priced £49.99.


Pono’s Kickstarter campaign to fund and launch its portable music player ended a year ago, and already the device has become a firm favourite with consumers and industry experts alike.

Its triangular design and Game Boy-style buttons make it an attractive purchase, while its high-resolution sound quality is something to behold.

Go to Pono’s music store to download tracks, and play them with headphones or a portable wireless speaker for an on-the-beach party.

Available at, priced £260.

Sony Waterproof Walkman

Yep, they’ve finally gone and done it. This updated version of the classic Sony Walkman (minus the cassettes, obviously) is completely waterproof, so it’s not only suitable for wearing in a rainstorm (useful for, say, a British staycation) but also when taking a dip in the ocean or pool up to a depth of two metres.

Coming in three classic colours (black, white and blue), it offers a secure and comfortable fit thanks to its in-ear buds and wraparound neckstrap.

Available at, priced £65.

Mini Jambox By Jawbone

The Jawbone is the big daddy of wireless speakers – and the mini is its sprightly, compact cousin.

More portable than its predecessor, without forfeiting any of its sound quality, the Jawbone mini is a triumph of simple design.

Coming in nine bold colourways, five graphic textures and weighing in at just thirty grams, it’s perfect to pop into your carry-on bag, suitcase or backpack, and it doubles up as a microphone if you want to make calls.

At just over £100, it’s a bargain.

Available at, priced £109.99.