Affordable Denim

You will already own a selection of jeans. Heck, you’re probably wearing a pair right now. But what if we told you there’s a world filled with superior denim out there, waiting for you to explore, unzip, and try it on for size? That place is the high street, of course, and this season it boasts a veritable smorgasbord of fresh new styles to consider.

The appetite for all things 1990s has given rise to a new wave of shredded jeans in grungy washes, while the move by menswear designers away from super-skinny-cuts has fostered an appetite for wider, albeit tapered, fits.

Take a look below as we walk you through the high street jeans worthy of your attention (and hard-earned cash) this season.

Ripped Jeans: ASOS

It has been years since anything particularly new or exciting happened on the skinny jeans scene. But sweet relief, in recent months, scuffed up denims have – quite literally – torn ahead of traditional styles and gone straight to the top of our wish list.

Made from stretch denim, ensuring a comfortable and snug fit, ASOS’ classic skinny jeans have been given the grunge treatment for SS15. Preloaded with patches and exploding knee rips as standard, these designs look best worn with check shirts, longline tees and boxy sweatshirts for a 1990s-inspired look that smells a bit like teen spirit:

ASOS Ripped Jeans

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ASOS Ripped Jeans, multiple washes available at, priced from £30.

ASOS Skinny Ripped Jeans

Skinny Jeans: Dr Denim

There are few easier ways of announcing you have no interest in reproducing than pulling on a pair of spray-on jeans. But for guys who want that ultra-close, second skin-like fit, there’s the Snap Skinny from Dr Denim.

A favourite with One Direction’s Harry Styles, this Swedish brand has carved itself a niche as the go-to supplier of quality denim for men who refuse to sacrifice on comfort or style.

Opt for a classic rock ‘n’ roll-inspired pair in black, which can be dressed up or down on your say so:

Dr Denim Skinny Jeans

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Dr Denim Snap Skinny Jeans In Black, available at, priced £50.

Dr Denim Black Snap Skinny Jeans

Tapered Jeans: Levi’s

A quality pair of Levi’s has long been considered a cornerstone of any well-dressed man’s wardrobe. And this season, the ubiquitous denim brand has upped the ante with a twist on its iconic 501: a new tapered leg option.

Sure, it’s the 501 you know and love – unparalleled, robust denim in a relaxed fit – but with legs that taper in to create a slimmer silhouette towards the calf and ankle.

Wear yours with white Converse and crew neck tee for an all-American vibe, or harden them up with a pair of sturdy brown boots:

Levi's Tapered Jeans

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Levi’s 501 CT Tapered Jeans in Celebration, available at, priced £80.

Levi's 501 CT Tapered Jeans in Celebration

Indigo Jeans: Topman

High street stalwart Topman has made indigo denim a focus this season – so much so, in fact, that the brand is compelling you to wear the stuff head-to-toe.

However, we’re just going to focus on its Raw Indigo Regular Slim jeans, which, like the Levi’s above, feature a slightly tapered cut. It’s Topman’s widest fit on offer, and provides the perfect antidote for any guy who fancies a break from slim- or skinny-cuts.

The fact that they’re constructed from raw, unwashed denim means they’ll develop their own personality the more you wear and wash them, revealing some nice natural abrasions:

Topman Indigo Jeans

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Topman Raw Indigo Regular Slim Jeans, available at, priced £30.

Topman Raw Indigo Regular Slim Jeans

Selvedge Jeans: Uniqlo

The hallmark of high quality jeans, selvedge denim features a self-finished edge of fabric woven straight from the loom, which prevents it from unravelling or fraying, increasing its durability.

It used to be that selvedge denim was only produced by premium or speciality brands. However, over the years more affordable options have popped up on the market, with the likes of Uniqlo leading the way.

The label’s critically acclaimed selvedge range starts at just £34.90, making these jeans a modern wardrobe essential:

Uniqlo Selvedge Jeans

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Uniqlo Slim Fit Straight Stretch Selvedge Jeans in Blue, available at, priced £34.90.

Uniqlo Slim Fit Straight Stretch Selvedge Jeans

White Jeans: Mango Man

Forget what you thought you knew about white jeans, because we’re here to silence the naysayers and put our full weight behind this notoriously hard to pull off trend.

Sure, they’re a polarising item of clothing, but if you contrast them with a strong colour on top they can look refreshingly sharp and spring-ready.

Likewise, integrating a pair of white jeans into a neutral smart-casual outfit will produce a really crisp and, more importantly, sophisticated aesthetic.

Mango Man produce a variety of low cost versions that are a no-brainer if you’re dipping your toe into the trend for the first time:

Mango White Jeans

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Mango Slim Fit White Jan Jeans, available at, priced £35.99.

Mango Slim Fit White Jan Jeans