Few men’s hairstyles are as smooth as the fade. There’s something about that freshly cut-in spray-paint effect that makes a fade a few shades sharper than a classic quiff or crop. Plus, a it’s the perfect partner for hair on your face, a kind of frame to show off your sideburns in their full furry glory.

From Becks to Bieber, Drake to Zayn, the super-sharp cut continues to win fans for its versatility. Long or short on top, subtle or striking, there are plenty of ways to make 2016’s style of the year your own, so we rounded up some of our favourite examples to prove it.

Check out some of the very best takes on the fade below, and for more on getting the look yourself – including how to work out which type of fade suits you best, and how to style your hair on top – take a look at the FashionBeans guide to fade haircuts.

Wet Look Fade

Mid Fade With Textured Slick-Back

Fade With Sweep-Back

Tapered Fade With Crop

High Fade

Short Afro With Fade

Mid Fade

Disconnected Fade

Tapered Fade With Textured Quiff

Tapered Fade With Blunt Fringe

Low Fade

Mid Fade With Textured Top

Low Fade With Pompadour

Comb-Over Fade

Buzz Cut Fade

Fade With Pompadour

Scissor Fade

Fade With Messy, Textured Top

Fade With Side Parting

Fade With Afro And Trackline

Classic Fade With High Fringe

Scissor Fade With Quiff

Flat Top Fade

Fade With Blunt Pompadour

Tapered Fade With Textured Top

Undercut Fade

Low Fade With Parting

Scissor Fade With Textured Top

Fade With Sweep-Back

Mid Fade With Slick-Back