Who: Usher

Where: 2nd Annual InStyle Awards, LA

Usher: not a hit in sight, but at least his threads make noise. The Confessions crooner uses the added texture of a suede jacket to steer an all-black look from solid to memorable. Still, probably time better spent in the studio.

Who: Tom Ford & Bradley Cooper

Where: 2nd Annual InStyle Awards, LA

Of course Tom Ford hangs out with Bradley Cooper. And of course both look immaculate in flawless tailoring. And, just when we couldn’t feel anymore inferior, both anchor classic looks with traditional brogues. We are not worthy.

Who: Jonah Hill

Where: NYC

As Hollywood’s funny man, Jonah Hill is best known for swamp-fit checks and nerdwear. Until he stepped out in this colour-pop varsity jacket, smartly anchored with staple stonewash jeans and Reebok classics. Who’s laughing now?

Who: James Corden

Where: Petersen Automotive Museum 22nd Annual Gala, LA

While James Corden keeps it muted on The Late Late Show, he lets his style credentials sing on the red carpet. A burgundy suit toes the dress code without defaulting to standard eveningwear colours, while a muted tie and shoes pull the look together – save navy for the 10pm slot.

Who: Mads Mikkelsen

Where: Doctor Strange GQ Reception, London

Mads Mikkelsen’s rivalry with Cumberbatch is moving off-screen too, all thanks to a glove-fit three-piece. And, while Savile Row threads often read stuffy, the lack of tie and unbuttoned shirt relaxes the look. Doctor Strange should be nervous indeed.

Who: Scott Disick

Where: Calabasas

Disick’s on-again, off-again with the ex-wife is getting dull. His style however, more than compensates. The simple burgundy hoodie adds a muted colour pop, while ripped jeans plug grunge trends à la Gosha Rubchinskiy. Much simpler than divorce proceedings anyway.

Who: Benedict Cumberbatch

Where: Doctor Strange Premiere, LA

While Cumberbatch jumps from period dramas to Marvel blockbusters, his red carpet style is thankfully more grounded. This time, Doctor Strange rejigs the red carpet with a luxe velvet jacket paired with black tie staples. Nice to see it hasn’t all gone to his head.

Who: Liev Schreiber

Where: Hearst MagFront 2016, NYC

Schreiber’s Ray Donovan might prefer a suit-and-air-tie flex when fixing the problems of LA’s A-list, but the man himself shows he’s just as confident skewing low-key. If you were wondering how to ace tonal layering, let Liev be your guide.