Sure, 2016 hasn’t been the best year for a lot of things: politics, celebrities, Harambe. But if you think it’s been a complete annus horribilis (aka dumpster fire), think again. The last 12 months have given us plenty to celebrate, chiefly on these pages: some of the most enviable style moves pulled out of the playbook by the great and the good of Tinseltown.

So, if you are feeling pretty depressed about the way this year panned out, here are at least 15 reasons why it wasn’t all doom and gloom.

Chris Pine

A pinnacle year for the captain of cool Chris Pine has been punctuated by an exemplary wardrobe. A glove-like fit was standard issue for the A-list actor in 2016, as was a raft of on-trend pieces such as Cuban collar shirts.

Zayn Malik

Zayn’s got it all: supermodel girlfriend, chart-topping career and the strength to crawl out from the huge One Direction-shaped shadow. But to top it all off, the solo star frequently takes risks with his wardrobe that pay off (robot-armed Versace dinner jacket anyone?). Here’s hoping we see a lot more of Mr Malik in 2017.

John Legend

There’s only one thing that can hold our attention longer than Chrissy Teigen – and that’s her fella’s style. It’s been a year to remember for the aptly named Mr Legend: As well as adding another Grammy to his mantelpiece, the singer-songwriter won our praise several times on account of his never-ending rotation of sleek bomber jackets and blazers in various prints and shades.

Rami Malek

Mr Robot’s Rami Malek may be a paranoid, energy drink-swigging hacker on-screen, but his real-life persona couldn’t be more different. Aside from the fact the Emmy-winning actor has admitted to being rather terrible with computers, his looks are more front row fodder than geek chic. Not an unwashed hoody in sight.

Donald Glover

If any man is a walking, talking, acting, rapping example of how to look good without fully suiting up, it’s Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino). As well as nailing the open-necked look, Glover has frequently shown he knows how to make the colour of his under-layer work to complement or contrast his tailoring.

Tom Hiddleston

We can’t say much for Hiddleston’s bizarre tryst with Taylor Swift, but his 2016 wardrobe speaks volumes. Sleek suits are pure Bond material, and Hiddleston nails head-to-toe tonal tailoring with every red-carpet appearance. Let’s just not mention that ‘I Love TS’ tee.

Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola has spent the last 12 months making moves on the touchline that impressed us. Yet shockingly, none of them have anything to do with Bayern or Man City. The Spanish manager has mastered the blazer, knit and shirt combination, frequently offsetting monochrome tailoring with a pop of colour. Premiership material if ever we did see it.

James Norton

As we noted in our earlier assessment of his off-screen style, James Norton – the London-born, Yorkshire-raised, RADA-trained thespian – proved to be every inch 2016’s answer to James Dean. “Where other handsome celebrities use their looks to disguise their lack of efforts in the wardrobe department, Norton never lets his standards slip.”

Eric Rutherford

On the occasion Eric Rutherford actually puts clothes on, he’s really quite good at it. Our Style Icon Of The Year, the LA-based digital influencer, lifestyle expert and model has gained a reputation as a skilled suit-wearer, often mixing bold patterns and classic pieces with ease. Keep your kit on next year, will you Eric.

Justin Theroux

Proving that he is much more than just Mr Aniston, actor Justin Theroux hasn’t let his rugged biker style go off track. Whether he’s rocking a signature leather jacket or Breton stripe T-shirt, the slightly more charismatic cousin of documentary maker Louis is never far from a pair of scuffed boots and classic shades.

Miles Teller

Miles Teller has been something of sleeper hit of late. Not only did he rise from the ashes of the frankly god-awful Fantastic Four to star in another comeback story, Bleed for This, his tailored wardrobe has landed him a spot on most front rows this fashion season. Which makes sense, considering he’s usually covered head-to-toe in Valentino.

David Oyelowo

Having already celebrated his ability to avoid the dark side of black tie monotony, it would be lax of us to leave the Star Wars Rebels star off our end of year list. Like his films (A United Kingdom, Selma and Nina to name a few), David Oyelowo’s suits just keep getting better.

Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas is now up there with some of the best menswear turnarounds of all time, alongside the likes of Justin Timberlake and Tom Hardy. His 2016 rebrand has left him less Camp Rock cheese, more mature mid-20s thanks to a mix of classic menswear pieces such as biker and bomber jackets, alongside a smattering of statement prints.

Nick Jonas

It seems Joe’s younger brother is no different. Polarising leather tracksuit at the VMAs aside, Nick Jonas belongs on our best-dressed list on account of several strong looks comprising tonal double-breasted suits, head-to-toe monochrome and geometric jackets.


Once a rapping member of the Soulquarians, now a mainstay of our best-dressed round-ups. Rapper Common has served up a slew of remarkable outfits in recent months; staying plugged into 2016’s biggest trends including bomber jackets, roll necks and emerald green, while also showing Bond how a white dinner jacket is done.