Remember the terrifying (but weirdly cool) kids at the back of the bike sheds? Sports-geared up within an inch of their lives? All their lunch money on Lambert & Butlers and a dangerous aversion to school dress codes? Well, now you can join their gang. Albeit 10 years too late. And with more than two GCSEs.

Tracksuit jackets are back. But styled less comprehensive truant, more track and field trendsetter. As Alice Watt, stylist at online shopping service Thread explains, this seasons sportswear is luxe and meant for layering: “Elevate the tracksuit jacket above the norm by zipping up and wearing under a semi-tailored jacket or overcoat – a big trend at Burberry and Paul Smith.”

And as for the rest of your look? “Keep your ensemble classic and other separates neutral: the jacket is your statement.”

Puma Vintage Track Jacket

Last year’s Cold War romp Deutschland 83 is over. But you don’t have to ditch the West Berlin threads.

Puma’s vivid tricolor of black, turquoise and blue is best paired with stonewash jeans and white Reebok classics: the perfect 1980s look (without mass unemployment and looming nuclear war).

Available at ASOS, priced £25.50.

River Island Black Zip Colour Block Jacket

Believe it or not, decent sportswear exists outside the usual prestige brands and designer labels. Take River Island’s zip-up: the monochrome palette is easy to wear, but cotton adds winter-ready depth, instead of a tracksuit’s usual shimmer.

Available at River Island, priced £35.

Adidas Originals Superstar Jacket

Katie Price doesn’t have a monopoly on velour. As the Superstar jacket proves, velvety texture can make for quite the menswear look when combined with white tees, black jeans and camel overcoats.

Less Juicy Couture, more Jil Sander.

Available at Adidas, priced £74.95.

Gucci Cotton Track Jacket

The Grand Budapest Hotel didn’t have a playing field. But if it did, this Gucci iteration of a track jacket would be the only acceptable kit.

Shock red may seem vibrant, but you can tone it down with neutral staples. Just don’t actually go anywhere near a playing field.

Available at Browns, priced £680.

Fred Perry Ivy Taped Track Jacket

Wimbledon has birthed more than Pimms, strawberries and overnight queues. Case in point, the Fred Perry track top.

The branding is there, but sports tones switch to a forest green that makes for credible commuter outerwear. Game, set, match.

Available at Urban Outfitters, priced £75.

Nike New Tribute Jacket

Colour pops aren’t for everyone. If you prefer a monochrome approach to dressing, Nike’s track jacket drains the vibrancy for something that can be layered under everything in your wardrobe.

Turns out white is the warmest colour.

Available at Mainline Menswear, priced £45.

Lacoste Hooded Colour-Block Jersey Tracksuit

It’s easy to forget that tracksuits were actually meant for, well, tracks. Not Lacoste.

This breathable, lightweight jersey top is not only suitable for a Sunday roast, but also comes with the matching bottoms for that pre-pub game of five-a-side. Back of the net.

Available at Mr Porter, priced £180.

Under Armour WRU 15/16 Track Jacket

The Valleys have birthed many a menswear essential. And we’re not talking about San Fernando.

The official Welsh Rugby Union jacket provides a pop of colour and understated branding, letting you support Sam Warburton and the lads without rash-inducing face paint. O bydded i’r hen iaith barhau.

Available at Under Armour, priced £60.

Cottweiler Temple Tracktop

Streetwear is fashion’s favourite subculture. If Supreme and Gosha aren’t selling out in seconds, rising designers are embracing sports luxe on the runway.

Like Skepta-approved brand Cottweiler. Its Temple track top takes the usual template but the rubberised nylon adds unexpected texture. So you can make a statement at Fashion Week or on your estate.

Available at Primitive, priced £350.

Adidas Anthem Track Jacket

You probably don’t have the balls of Busta Ryhmes. Or the legal history. But that doesn’t mean hip-hop garb is off limits.

Adidas has paired music video colour with a more sports-led design – bold shades, iconic branding, just less Glocks in waistbands. Pass the Courvoisier.

Available at Pro Direct Soccer, priced £60.