Google is smarter than us, we’ve accepted that. Half of us wouldn’t have degrees or the same number of pub quiz wins under our belt without it. Therefore, it makes sense to let the tech giant basically run our lives, and it’s clearly not opposed to the idea.

At its annual developer conference this week Google unveiled ‘Home’, a voice-activated personal assistant that is best described as Sonos and Siri getting drunk and hooking up.

The powerful smart-speaker, which resembles something between air-freshener and a salt shaker, is able to control music playback across speakers in multiple rooms, search the web and recite your daily calendar, weather forecast, directions, flight information and much more with the “Okay Google” command.

What’s more, by teaming up with big name partners like Whatsapp, OpenTable, Uber and Nest, you will also be able to send a text message, book your favourite tapas place, order a ride and turn the lights off on your way out without even lifting a finger.

No one quite knows how much Home will cost when it comes to the market later this year, but you can already register interest here.

“Okay Google, when do you learn to iron?”