With the rise of athleisure and winter fitness fever, we’re finally tossing our charity run tees and dropping serious dough on workout gear. The luxury athletic apparel market is blowing up, full of unique pieces that help you train harder and look smarter doing it.

For those that don’t want to trade in style for sweat, here’s a breakdown of the some of the must-have pieces to stuff into your gym bag.

Eysom 8-Inch Training Short

Sick of altering every piece of workout gear he owned, founder and creative director Stan Cheung created Eysom, a brand that defies the ubiquitous bagginess that seems to be required for men’s athletic wear.

Eysom’s signature piece, the 8-Inch Training Short, remedies everything that’s wrong with the average basketball short: it’s cut close to the body while still allowing for a complete range of motion.

Made with SPF 50 and moisture-wicking fabric, the shorts also include a built-in liner and pockets for all your tech. And because of the above the knee cut and slim fit, they can definitely be worn outside the gym once the weather warms up.

Available at eysom.com, priced £112.33.

HPE Combat Compression Tights

A base layer that’ll make you stand out, HPE’s Combat Compression Tights offer more than just eye-catching style.

Thanks to super-soft compression technology, these leggings increase circulation, providing oxygen to your working muscles. The compression also helps to reduce fatigue and soreness by decreasing lactic acid build-up, so you can go harder for longer.

They’re made with flexible moisture-repelling and UV protected fabric, making them a great choice for those who train outside. Since the leggings look isn’t for everyone, add a pair of shorts on top if you don’t want to reveal too much.

Available at hpe-shop.com, priced £90.

MPG Transmission Hooded Jacket

It’s time to replace that beaten-up track jacket with something more stylish. MPG’s fitted, comfortable zip-up, in jacquard fleece with nylon accents, is the perfect outerwear piece to take your workout wardrobe from basic to boss.

Like most of MPG’s apparel, the hoodie features reflective detailing so that you can workout after dark without fear of becoming roadkill. It also offers thermal comfort and is weather-resistant, leaving you no choice but to train on even the greyest days. If you’re going to be outside, you might as well show off.

Available at mpgsport.com, priced $120.

Mack Weldon Ace Pant

Finally, a way to wear joggers outside of the house. Ideal for warm-ups and cool-downs, these pant’s French terry fabric looks and feels like ultra-soft suede, and the refined fit and tapered leg mean you can wear them pretty much anywhere (just maybe not to the office).

The sweats also have deep, zippered pockets for storing all your gear during your workout. These sweats are destined to become wardrobe staples. You may never put on real pants again.

Available at mackweldon.com, priced $78.

Masterclass Apparel Blue Deep Sea Tank

Graphic gym clothes aren’t just for the girls anymore, thanks to Masterclass Apparel’s new fitness line. Inspired by retro tattoo art, the Blue Deep Sea Tank features a vibrant print over a crisp, white background. So you can make a bold statement without rehashing the tired neon trend.

The shirt is a riff on a muscle tank, but has a more structured, streamlined silhouette and, unlike the cheap cotton classic, is fabricated in moisture-wicking, antibacterial and four-way stretch fabric.

If you’re looking to show if you even lift (bro), this is definitely the most stylish way to throw down the gauntlet.

Available at Masterclass Apparel, priced $145.

Rhone SilverTech No Show Socks

Is there anything more annoying – and embarrassing – than skipping a workout because of a blister? Well, you’re not skipping leg day anymore with Rhone’s SilverTech No Show Socks.

They’re the exact right height for low-top trainers and feature a small silicone heel pad to eliminate slipping during intense cardio. Nylon is sewn into the seams to ensure that the socks retain their shape and the SilverTech threads mean that you can wear them over and over again without them picking up any of your scent. Don’t take this as an endorsement not to wash them, though.

Available at rhone.com, priced $14.