Unless you’re North West, being told you dress like your dad is more playground insult than sartorial co-sign. The perception holds that having kids dents your style as much as your shut-eye, since things like keep your own flesh and blood alive trumps copping the latest threads. Though personally, we can’t see why.

But this season’s runways were awash in your dad’s staples, as fashion suddenly championed the kind of practical garms that, when he rocked them, made you ask him to drop you off round the corner from school. Prep that apology as you rustle through his wardrobe, for the pieces that prove why your old man’s on every designer’s mood board this season.


There’s a reason your dad’s stuck by his zip-up fleece and that’s because it’s goddamn warm. The fabric’s fluffiness traps heat without bulk, which is why he layers his under everything from a blazer to an anorak (see below).

J.Crew AW15

How To De-Dad It

Fleece doesn’t age well. Time flattens the fabric, so it loses warmth and its ability to add depth to outfits. So buy new and hand-wash to stop it sticking down.

Take advantage of the latter point by thinking outside the traditional zip-up jacket, deploying fleece in unexpected spots like a cap, sweatshirt, pullover or even just a crew neck’s logo detailing.

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Dad Caps

Father knows best, and it turns out flat peak caps were just a fad. The modern hypebeast prefers his hat brim short and bent, which has the added advantage of it not blowing off every time the wind picks up.

Cadillac x Nick Wooster for Gilt 2015

How To De-Dad It

The OG’s is sweat-stained from deployment at every barbecue since you were in nappies. It’s also emblazoned with a long-defunct sports team logo.

Swap on-pitch allegiances for streetwear dons, but bin the box logos; a brand motif (think Supreme’s butterfly), muted pattern or textured material like wool is the more subtle way to up your headwear game.

On peak bend, you’re looking for it to follow the contours of a dinner plate, not a pint glass. Otherwise you veer into campaigning politician territory.

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Nothing says holiday like your dad’s zip-up store of sun cream, coins from countries that don’t share a currency (just in case), and a pair of sunglasses he got from a petrol station forecourt.

But despite its contents, there’s no doubting its practicality. Perfect for when you don’t want a phone, wallet and keys bulging out your silhouette.

ASOS 2016

How To De-Dad It

Neons? Out. Fabrics suited to a weekend on military manoeuvres? Definitely out. Yours should be neutral and crafted from leather or nylon, so it fits with your outfits as well as any other accessory. Rather than looking like an ill-thought-out add-on.

For extra points, opt for one done-up in fleece, à la Christopher Shannon for River Island. Then sling across your body, not your waist, to make your look less, “Why did I bring my kids to Glastonbury?”, and more, “Does anyone want to buy some weed?”.

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Yes, your dad loves weather apps. But that’s because your dad is also rarely caught out by showers that ruin his boxfresh Common Projects. Sure, he’s probably not wearing Common Projects. He’s probably wearing Crocs.

But still, he’s dry, because he’s got a waterproof anorak that he can roll up and stow in his bag when the sun comes back out, at precisely 2.32pm.

Rains 2015

How To De-Dad It

You can’t de-frump weatherproof kit with silhouettes – a slimline cagoule won’t fit over anything – you need bold hues and layers. Fjällräven and Rains’ block-colour anoraks are a weatherproof way to inject life into your spring looks, while Stone Island have a digital camo print option that will (counter-intuitively) ensure you don’t blend in.

Alternatively adopt a slightly more subtle approach to the military trend with ripstop khaki, then take it off-duty by pairing with trainers and selvedge denim. But never anything with cargo pockets.

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