Minirig 2.1 Speaker System

As the Aussie soap opera song goes: sometimes, good neighbours become good friends. Then sometimes we look for any opportunity to p*ss them off. What better way to do this than with a sound system capable of producing sonic booms (probably) in your living room?

The Minirig, developed by British audio engineers whose products are more often found in superclubs, is easily the loudest portable speaker on the market for its size.

Pair startlingly loud, great quality audio (especially when you add the optional subwoofer) with a huge 50 hour battery life and rugged, industrial design and that ‘for sale’ sign will be up in no time.

Available at Minirigs, priced £129 for a single Minirig speaker and £369 for the full 2.1 speaker system.

Soho Home Chesterfield Sofa

Soho House has been a stylish sanctuary to creative types for more than two decades, in part thanks to its uber-cool interiors kitted out by a crack team of internal and external designers.

Great news for the 33,000 people still on the waiting list to join the international members club (as well as the 56,000 who already are), the group has now made ‘House favourites’ like its crystal barware, cashmere throws and chesterfield sofas available to buy online.

Decorate your pad and start charging your mates to come over.

Available at Soho Home, priced £3,995.

Oculus Rift

The long-promised world of virtual reality is, at last, actual reality. Oculus Rift, the poster boy for the Matrix-style revolution is now available in the UK. And contrary to what your devious mind is currently thinking, the start-up Facebook forked out two billion dollars for is more than just, ahem, hardware for really intense porn.

Granted, you’ll need a computer with some horsepower but after that you can strap the goggles to your head and do anything from ride a rollercoaster to play videogames or, yeah, that.

Available at Currys, priced £549.

Simpl Watch One

Look Ma, one hand! Of course, single-handed clocks are nothing new, given that they date back to the sundial, but strapping one of those to your wrist never really caught on. Today’s examples are far more understated (and less weighty).

The primordial designs, like this one from Bangkok-based brand Simpl, use a sleek numberless dial divided into around 140 markers, each representing the hour as well as five minutes.

Available at Dezeen Watch Store, priced £150.

Parrot Disco Drone

The Parrot Disco Drone is essentially a pimped-up version of the Styrofoam gliders we all had as kids (if those gliders were equipped with an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer, GPS, and a 14-megapixel wide-angle lens with digital stabilization, of course).

But what’s got us throwing money at the Disco is the included headset accessory that gives a drones-eye-view from inside the cockpit. With automatic take off and landing, the tricky bit isn’t so much flying it, it’s keeping your lunch down while soaring at 50mph.

Available at Parrot, priced £1,149.99.

H Furniture Belt Hanging Rack

It’s well known that these days we don’t get much brick for our buck. So with floor space at a premium, London-based H Furniture has come up with a levitating wardrobe that frees up room underneath and looks like a piece of sleek Scandinavian design while doing so.

Designed by Munich-based Jessica Nebel, the Belt Hanging Rack is a self-supporting structure crafted from a metre length of solid wood. Mounted by two high-grade leather belts, the rack can also be folded up against the wall when not in use.

Available at H Furniture, priced £480.

McArthurGlen x Brooks Brothers White Shirt Bar

A crisp white shirt is the male equivalent of the little black dress – fit for purpose, resoundingly stylish, and endlessly versatile. In particular, those made by New York’s Brooks Brothers have been a sound investment for presidents and movie stars alike since 1818.

For the next month, the brand has partnered with designer outlet centre McArthurGlen to tour its very own roving shirt bar. Hosted in a refurbished six-wheeler American truck, the pop-up will tour the country selling seven classic styles that celebrate menswear’s great white.

The Brooks Brothers White Shirt Bar will be stationed at various McArthurGlen centres across the UK from 26 September – 30 October.