New menswear labels pop up faster than you can say Vetements these days, and sorting the wheat from the chaff can be tough.

Luckily, we’ve done the legwork for you, so here’s our pick of the 10 up-and-coming menswear brands from around the world that will get you ahead of the curve (and your mates) this year.

Noon Goons

The streetwear trend shows no signs of slowing, but as it matures we’re looking for something a little more wearable than Gosha Rubchinsky all-in-one jersey jumpsuits.

Name aside, Noon Goons is a grown-up take on forward-looking streetwear, without losing any of the rebellious edge that differentiates it from straight-up casualwear. Simple pieces in interesting, hard-wearing fabrics and a wearable colour palette make this the alternative to Supreme for the more discerning streetwear fan.

Wood House

All great brands have interesting backstories, and Wood House has one more interesting than most. Founded by self-proclaimed army brat Julian Woodhouse during his time as a soldier in the US Forces, he was scouted as a street style icon while based in Seoul.

This international spirit permeates his collections, with Asian and architectural influences throughout. While Julian says he “wanted to make things that people would wear everyday,” his asymmetric skirt-pants might not be for everyone. But for interesting outerwear, it’s one to watch.


If Kanye had grown up in Manchester, chances are Yeezy Season 2 would have looked a lot like Sampaix. Founded in 2016, the brand embodies the vibrant northern spirit that has seen the UK’s second city further stake it’s claim in menswear.

Sure, the colour palette can be a bit much for those who are usually decked out in neutrals, but there are some more pared-back pieces that mean you can buy into the brand without sacrificing your personal style (or forking out for Mr West’s tees).

FC Dorsum

Football-inspired designs are everywhere this season, but FC Dorsum is taking it one step further by creating actual fictional sportswear.

Named after the top part of the foot and awarding themselves five World Cup titles (the five stars on the badge actually reflects the five-week lifespan of the Dorsum moth), these appropriations of the beautiful game are often cooler than the real thing. The Away Shirt 16/17 is sure to go top of the style league.

PMP Denim

Indonesian jeans might not be top of your wish list, but PMP’s denim pieces may be about to change that. Since being founded in 2008, the brand has made its mark in the Southeast Asian market, and 2017 looks set to be a standout year for them internationally.

The casualwear might not be to everyone’s taste, but the military-inspired clean-cut indigo denim has made the brand a firm favourite for local skateboarders and musicians.

Walkers Appeal

The internet has enabled small brands to create and sell high-quality pieces direct without huge overheads (and therefore price tags). Walkers Appeal is making the most of this, turning out some of the most interesting mid-range outerwear we’ve seen in a while.

Crafted from vintage-inspired premium fabrics like denim, rayon and cupro, the brand’s classic, trucker-style jackets will likely be in your wardrobe rotation forever. Plus, a commitment to sustainable manufacturing means you can feel better about dropping slightly more money than you would on the high street.

Universal Works

Not technically new but on the cusp of a breakthrough, Universal Works has steadily grown thanks to its affordable and easy-going take on utilitarian clothing. Since opening its third store in 2016 and expanding its denim range, the brand looks set to emerge from newcomer status in 2017.

Though it can sometimes feel like a lower price bracket means pieces have to be covered in embellishments and frays, Universal Works keeps a tasteful eye on everything that’s made. Expect classic fits, as well as colourways and patterns you will actually want to wear.

Wolf & Shepherd

The Forbes ’30 Under 30′ list is hallowed ground for any entrepreneur. Founder of Wolf & Shepher, Justin Schneider, was given the honour last year, thrusting his footwear brand into the spotlight.

After working at Adidas and New Balance, Schneider decided to turn his attention to creating comfortable dress shoes. After a PR stunt last year in which an athlete set a world record for running a half marathon in a pair of Wolf & Shepherds, we think he succeeded. This is athleisure for those who really don’t do athleisure.

Harry Stedman

London, New York, Liverpool – these are the cities that form the basis of Harry Stedman’s vision for classic menswear. The company takes its name from Harry himself, father and grandfather respectively of the two guys behind the company.

Inspired by American prep, the British army and the Northern Soul scene, small batch production guarantees quality on its Oxford shirts, denim, varsity jackets and waxed outerwear.

Palmiers du Mal

Since launching in 2016, Palmiers du Mal has become the label of choice for the discerning gentleman looking for a refined yet relaxed take on smart-casual. However, with its latest collection, the brand looks set to break into the mainstream.

With a muted colour palette of mainly neutral shades, it’s not one to change your tyres in, but if you’re heading off for a summer break in Marrakech (or Margate), these trend-averse items are perfect for those bored of bombers and baseball caps.