With the turn of 2017 it seems like every Tom, Dick and Dwayne Johnson is telling us to invest in a gym membership. Which is fine if you’re on a banker’s salary. Less so for the rest of us.

Fortunately, if your bank balance isn’t as hench as you’d like to be, there are other ways to glean some fitness tutelage. Mainly from your mobile. In a sea of avocados and smug couple selfies, there’s also a bank of Instagram accounts that can broaden and improve your regime. And best of all, it’s free.

Ricky Warren

Calisthenics: It might sound like a form of Chinese herbal medicine, but this form of gymnastics is designed to achieve sound fitness and posture. When it comes down to it, there’s no better teacher than Ricky Warren. Granted, the stunts on display may require Max Whitlock-levels of core strength, but they’re also a shining example of perfect form.

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Best for: Learning a new way to improve core strength and balance.

Ben Booker

Your days of rope swinging and wall climbing didn’t end in school. As Daily Burn trainer Ben Booker proves, a jungle gym routine can build quite the body outside the local playground. All you need is a very strong climbing rope.

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Best for: Focusing on upper body strength.

Will Arrufat

Ever put your back out deadlifting? Take a leaf out of Will Arrufat’s rep book. Not only does the seasoned Nike trainer and performance coach know how to safely lift, he shares numerous tidbits of nutritional and fitness advice with his 14.7k followers.

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Best for: Perfecting your lifting form.

Mike Marchese

A sweaty gym can be claustrophobic at the best of times. Which is why Michael Marchese, a fitness instructor with almost two decade’s experience on his CV, teaches various training methodologies using outdoor equipment. A real breath of fresh air.

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Best for: Getting fit on a budget.

Jen Selter

A dip-it-low isn’t just for Christina Milian. As Instagram’s squat queen Jen Selter shows, the dreaded move is a perfect way to build legs, thighs and that all important backside. And it needn’t just be done at home or in the gym. On the street, riding a bike, in the sea, wherever you fancy.

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Best for: Maxing out leg day.

Gunnar Peterson

Apparently it takes a lot more than a good surgeon to achieve a Hollywood body. PT-to-the-stars Gunmar Peterson ‘grams his gruelling fitness routines on the reg – just without the crippling fee. All killer, no filler.

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Best for: Stealing moves that get A-listers buff.

Dwayne Johnson

Of course, you could just get straight to business with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Tinseltown’s highest paid actor has earned his keep, and after witnessing some of his crippling workouts, you’ll understand why.

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Best for: Giving you #GainsGoals.

Dovies Foster

We’re bombarded with the importance of supplements and creatine shakes. But Ghana-based instructor Dovies Foster believes in simple training without the usual apparatus-driven workouts. Judging by his bod, the au natural approach works.

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Best for: Proving that not all workouts rely on supplements.

Bret Contreras

Brains and brawn rarely collide. Unless, that is, you’re Bret Contreras. The published researcher and author believes in developing one muscle at a time, and backs up his claims with complex (but researched) case studies.

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Best for: Teaching your mates a thing or two.

Joshua Holmes

Over 125 marathons, 26 races and more than 100 miles running later, superhuman Joshua Holmes shows no signs of slowing down. With so many miles on the clock, there’s a whole new world of cross country to be discovered with a simple double-tap.

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Best for: Getting motivated for that marathon.

Dylan Werner

Yoga is often overlooked, but its benefits are far-reaching. Certified instructor Dylan Werner pulls some mind-boggling stunts in his quest for inner balance, and while it can get a little reiki-retreat-in-an-Indian-shrine, there are some genuine techniques to be picked up.

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Best for: Seeing why yoga is not just for girls.