It can sometimes feel like you’ve just got your wardrobe in shape when the rulebook changes (again) and you need to drop another month’s wages to keep up with the trends.

However, this season everything from the continuing invasion of athleisure to the return of lightweight layering means it’s all about how you wear it rather than what you wear.

To help show you how to put together the key pieces for the months ahead, we’ve teamed up with Topman to break down the five key styling tips for spring/summer 2017.

Tuck It In

A slow-burner on the styling front, the tucking of tops into trousers has been all over the runways for the past few seasons. The rise of slim-fit sportswear and the return of tailored trousers means it has now translated over to real life, too.

Start out easy with T-shirts and fine knits tucked in all the way around, ideally with belted trousers. Once this has been nailed, move on to other combinations like polo shirts into joggers. Continue experimenting and you’ll be a pro by the time the chunky Fisherman jumpers come out next winter.

Key Pieces

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Double Up

It wasn’t that long ago that the so-called Canadian Tuxedo was consigned to fashion’s Room 101 quicker than you could say ‘Justin Timberlake’.

This season, denim-on-denim action has had a continental rebrand, proving how wearable it can be for the spring and summer months. Just avoid the all-in-one shades of the 2000s by switching up the washes and finishes. Luckily, with such a wide range of styles dropping – from bleached jeans to rip-and-repair jackets – there’s never been a better time to be bringing denim back.

Key Pieces

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Crop & Contrast

Did the trend for bare ankles come about because of the cropped trouser, or vice versa? Whichever wins this game of chicken and egg, there’s no question that ‘mankle’ is officially a thing.

One of the easiest styling tricks to master, flashing a bit of flesh (or a contrast coloured sock) at the end of the trouser leg is the simplest way to let everyone know you’re on trend.

As an easy entry, start by adding a roll-up to a slim leg and finish with a sleek trainer. For more advanced ankle flashers, level-up with a wider leg trouser teamed with a skate shoe. Totally rad.

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Keep On Track

A suit is one of the most expensive items a man can own, so it’s only economical to get more wear out of it than at the yearly round of weddings.

Thanks to the continuing rise of sports-influenced menswear, this season sees the humble track top further rise from hangover gear to a bona fide style statement. To claim first place with this outfit, layer a premium-feel top under blazer (bonus points if it’s checked) for a look that’s more laid-back gent than layabout.

Key Pieces

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Layer Game

‘Elevating your wardrobe staples’ has become a style cliché on par with ‘cost-per-wear’. Yet, that’s not to say they don’t both matter, so make the most of what you’ve got and take a leaf out of Kanye’s playbook with this season’s love of layering.

Long-sleeved T-shirts and hoodies worn under shirts (and vice versa) are a quick and easy way to refresh tired pieces. Different cuts can also be used to play around with proportions. An oversized hoodie under a tailored coat works well, for example, just make sure the colours are complementary.

Key Pieces

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