Newly minted Spider-Man Tom Holland and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson don’t have a great deal in common beyond their outrageous Hollywood pay packets. But it seems they do both share one very obvious affliction: their chronic inability to button a sleeve.

Johnson is so familiar with the eternal struggle to fasten his cuff that in 2015 he spawned an endless series of memes tagged with the question ‘Will The Rock ever finish buttoning his sleeve?’

And now it appears The Great One is influencing up-and-comers that simply don’t know what to do with their hands mid-photo.

You’d think that hours of media training, stylist advice and time spent in the company of the best suit makers would have covered this most basic skill. But alas, awkward arms are an ordeal that even the elite must suffer.

Right, How Do We Do This?

The struggle is real.

One Down, One To Go

Left wrist fastened. Better check the right.

Almost There

If in doubt, button your cuff before you leave the house.

The Button Strikes Back

Why did I choose double-breasted?

Arms Done…Oh Crap

Where do all these buttons keep coming from?