It’s easy to assume that you can literally run away from an unwanted belly. Running gets your heart rate up, burns calories and Mo Farah doesn’t have a lot of flab on him, so surely it’s the most efficient to lose fat. Not the case, according to celebrity personal trainer and nutritionist Harley Pasternak.

He says that the best way to lose fat is to put the running shoes away and take yourself for a walk instead.

Pasternak says the more intense the cardio, the more calories you burn per minute – but a higher proportion of those calories will come from non-fat sources than they would do during a less intense exercise like walking.

He told POPSUGAR, “Believe it or not, a greater percentage of your calories come from fat when you walk rather than when you run. The faster you run, the greater percentage of your calories come from carbohydrates”.

Also, he explains the more intense the workout, the more you’re likely to eat afterwards. Which, obviously, can be counterproductive.

Pasternak told POPSUGAR, “There’s something about the relationship about your intensity of cardio and your appetite. You’ve heard the saying work up an appetite? With spin classes, they almost always open up a juice shop across the way.”

And the more likely you are to injure yourself and have to stop working out all together.

“It’s not only the intensity of cardio, but the duration, the wear and tear on your body. That all needs to be taken into account. You might feel really great running, but if you run too much, too often, at some point, your body’s going to give in.”

So walk it off, pal, walk it off.