Who: Alessandro Borghi

Where: 74th Venice Film Festival Opening Ceremony

Alessandro Borghi looks happier than a five-year-old on their first day at school photo. Though instead of a nylon polo shirt and Power Rangers lunchbox, the Italian actor is head-to-toe in a razor sharp Gucci look. Well-fitted separates are made memorable by embroidery to the collar, while sockless loafers are best in class.

Who: Billy Eichner

Where: MTV VMAs 2017, Los Angeles

Parks And Recreation star Billy Eichner is no laughing matter off-screen. The 38-year-old dropped the funny man role for a look as suave but simple: dark, wearable colours punctuated by a quietly printed Cuban collared shirt.

Who: Derek Hough

Where: Television Academy Choreography Celebration, Los Angeles

Decidedly cooler than his British counterparts (Anton DuBeke, anyone?), Dancing With The Stars frontman Derek Hough waltzed up a storm in LA. The 32-year-old went classic in a glove-fit two-piece, but added depth with a choice windowpane check throughout. It’s a ten from us, Derek.

Who: Dominic Cooper

Where: Stratton Premiere, London

All-black at a British film premiere: groundbreaking stuff. That aside, Dominic Cooper raised the look from the dead by simply focusing on fit. The double-breasted jacket is a stylish pivot from the usual format, with a simple knitted tie packing plenty of texture.

Who: Jamie Foxx

Where: Mayweather vs. McGregor Pre-Event Party, Los Angeles

Jamie Foxx is a man of many achievements, and frankly this fight night look is up there. As probably the only time we’ve ever seen fur-lined loafers look good, the Baby Driver star countered the statement accessories with foolproof black pieces elsewhere. Fortune favours the bold.

Who: John Legend

Where: Isola Molara, Italy

John Legend’s on no holiday. Even when jetsetting abroad to Italy, the ‘All Of Me’ crooner still slams in the style stakes – this time, in a Portofino-approved look of stripes and slacks, with textured loafers below for some mainland influence.

Who: Kendrick Lamar

Where: MTV VMAs 2017, Los Angeles

I think we all know who the real winner of the VMAs was. No, not Katy Perry’s piss-poor hosting, but Kendrick Lamar’s trousers. The perfect length of a wide-leg trouser is right on the ankle and the To Pimp A Butterfly rapper hit the mark atop some fresh-to-death kicks.

Who: Oliver Cheshire

Where: Majorca

Sure, Oliver Cheshire is paid to look good, but his personal style is just as commendable off-set. The M&S frontman went Ripley Riviera in a pair of lightly printed slacks made pool (and temperature) friendly with slides below and a well-fitting tee up-top.

Who: Sean Combs

Where: LAVO Fight Night Party, Las Vegas

Sean Combs has never been a wallflower. In recent years however, Puff Daddy turned P. Diddy turned actual-given-birth-name has managed to strike a perfect chord between statement and solid (unlike his raps). At a Vegas fight night party, the 47-year-old framed a loud printed shirt with monochrome for a look that’s as from white party bling as can be.

Who: Pharrell Williams

Where: US Tennis Association Gala, New York

Stuffy tennis fans: take note. Pharrell’s rejig of Wimbledon whites demands a court of its own, breaking up tricky monotone with carefully deployed accents of stripes and colour throughout. Game, set and match for statement dressing.