Who: Alessandro Borghi

Where: 74th Venice Film Festival Opening Ceremony

Alessandro Borghi looks happier than a five-year-old on their first day at school photo. Though instead of a nylon polo shirt and Power Rangers lunchbox, the Italian actor is head-to-toe in a razor sharp Gucci look. Well-fitted separates are made memorable by embroidery to the collar, while sockless loafers are best in class.

Alessandro Borghi dressed in Gucci

Who: Billy Eichner

Where: MTV VMAs 2017, Los Angeles

Parks And Recreation star Billy Eichner is no laughing matter off-screen. The 38-year-old dropped the funny man role for a look as suave but simple: dark, wearable colours punctuated by a quietly printed Cuban collared shirt.

Billy Eichner at the 2017 MTV VMAs

Who: Derek Hough

Where: Television Academy Choreography Celebration, Los Angeles

Decidedly cooler than his British counterparts (Anton DuBeke, anyone?), Dancing With The Stars frontman Derek Hough waltzed up a storm in LA. The 32-year-old went classic in a glove-fit two-piece, but added depth with a choice windowpane check throughout. It’s a ten from us, Derek.

Derek Hough at the Television Academy Choreography Celebration

Who: Dominic Cooper

Where: Stratton Premiere, London

All-black at a British film premiere: groundbreaking stuff. That aside, Dominic Cooper raised the look from the dead by simply focusing on fit. The double-breasted jacket is a stylish pivot from the usual format, with a simple knitted tie packing plenty of texture.

Dominic Cooper at the Stratton premiere

Who: Jamie Foxx

Where: Mayweather vs. McGregor Pre-Event Party, Los Angeles

Jamie Foxx is a man of many achievements, and frankly this fight night look is up there. As probably the only time we’ve ever seen fur-lined loafers look good, the Baby Driver star countered the statement accessories with foolproof black pieces elsewhere. Fortune favours the bold.

Jamie Foxx at the Mayweather-McGregor pre-event party

Who: John Legend

Where: Isola Molara, Italy

John Legend’s on no holiday. Even when jetsetting abroad to Italy, the ‘All Of Me’ crooner still slams in the style stakes – this time, in a Portofino-approved look of stripes and slacks, with textured loafers below for some mainland influence.

John Legend on holiday in Italy

Who: Kendrick Lamar

Where: MTV VMAs 2017, Los Angeles

I think we all know who the real winner of the VMAs was. No, not Katy Perry’s piss-poor hosting, but Kendrick Lamar’s trousers. The perfect length of a wide-leg trouser is right on the ankle and the To Pimp A Butterfly rapper hit the mark atop some fresh-to-death kicks.

Kendrick Lamar at the 2017 MTV VMAs

Who: Oliver Cheshire

Where: Majorca

Sure, Oliver Cheshire is paid to look good, but his personal style is just as commendable off-set. The M&S frontman went Ripley Riviera in a pair of lightly printed slacks made pool (and temperature) friendly with slides below and a well-fitting tee up-top.

Oliver Cheshire pictured in Majorca wearing printed trousers

Who: Sean Combs

Where: LAVO Fight Night Party, Las Vegas

Sean Combs has never been a wallflower. In recent years however, Puff Daddy turned P. Diddy turned actual-given-birth-name has managed to strike a perfect chord between statement and solid (unlike his raps). At a Vegas fight night party, the 47-year-old framed a loud printed shirt with monochrome for a look that’s as from white party bling as can be.

Sean Combs pictured in a printed shirt at LAVO fight night party in Las Vegas

Who: Pharrell Williams

Where: US Tennis Association Gala, New York

Stuffy tennis fans: take note. Pharrell’s rejig of Wimbledon whites demands a court of its own, breaking up tricky monotone with carefully deployed accents of stripes and colour throughout. Game, set and match for statement dressing.

Pharrell Williams at the US Tennis Association Gala