Smoking increases the risk of cancer, strokes and having to vacate the pub every forty-five minutes to indulge your dirty, little habit. Those three things didn’t stop the likes of Steve McQueen or Jean Paul Belmondo however, nor the ill-conceived myth that smoking is cool and sexy.

Or at least it was. A survey conducted by vaping outfit Halo Cigs quizzed 500 women on their romantic perceptions of a smoker, and two-thirds found it to be a turn-off. There was even a bias amongst smokers, too. Ten per cent of self-identified smokers said they wouldn’t get involved either (hypocrisy klaxon, stage right).

‘Social smoking’ is also off-limits. Not only did respondents label smoking a turn-off, they stated that they wouldn’t even consider a serious relationship. So it’s not just your health that’s going up in smoke.

Smoking was never big or clever, and now, it’s not even sexy. Sorry about that, McQueen.