Who: Pilou Asbaek

Where: 74th Venice International Film Festival

Now, you may not recognise Pilou Asbaek when he’s not dressed in chainmail with a sadistic smile on his face, but the man behind Game of Thrones’ Euron Greyjoy is quite the dresser when he’s not scheming with the Lannisters.

The Danish actor nails Scandi minimalism with navy workwear that’s crisp and clean enough for the red carpet. All hail, the new king of style.

Who: Oliver Proudlock

Where: VOXI Launch Party, London

Made In Chelsea met Made In Dagenham with Oliver Proudlock rocking sportswear at a recent launch party. The block primary colours keep the striped jacket on the right side of 1980s shellsuit, while ripped jeans and white sneakers steers the look into menswear’s upper classes.

Who: George Clooney

Where: 74th Venice International Film Festival

This is the coolest thing you’ll see all weekend. And probably the next. One: because it’s George Clooney, and George Clooney is George Clooney; and two: it’s yet more definitive proof that a razor-sharp fit and a foolproof tuxedo will always make waves.

Who: Jamie Jewitt

Where: VOXI Launch Party, London

It isn’t exactly difficult to top our least worst-dressed of Love Island list. But at a party to launch new mobile network VOXI, Jamie Jewitt proved his style credentials by showing us the right way to dress up a leather jacket – grey lightweight knit, well-cut trousers, smart shoes, minimal fuss.

Who: Lorenzo Serafini

Where: 74th Venice International Film Festival

Don’t get it twisted: when it comes to glamour, the Venice Film Festival is six magnums above the usual Tinseltown party. Which is why womenswear designer Lorenzo Serafini pulled out all the stops in the ultimate laid-back suit, featuring immaculately cropped trousers with little need for a tie (or socks, for that matter).

Who: Jeff Goldblum

Where: Kidnap Premiere, Paris

The man that time forgot to catch up with, perennial dinosaur dodger Jeff Goldblum rejigged black tie without heading into try-hard territory. A grey textured dress shirt is a sound pivot away from traditional red carpet fare, but still complements a white jacket and monochrome staples. Style found a way.

Who: Ansel Elgort

Where: Tom Ford Show, New York

Oil spills: bad for the environment, great in the style stakes. At Tom Ford’s latest show, Baby Driver star Ansel Elgort swapped boring black tie for an iridescent finish, anchoring a multicoloured dinner jacket with formal staples elsewhere. No disasters, here – natural or sartorial.