Who: Common

Where: Guggenheim International Gala, New York

From Chicago’s Hyde Park to Guggenheim galas, Common has come a long way. Thanks in part to an arsenal of razor-sharp looks. This week, he took a classic penguin suit and lifted it with an alternative navy shade – an acceptable way to pivot from the dress code without peacocking.

Who: Dave Franco

Where: Vulture Film Festival, Los Angeles

He plays a hapless producer in his latest release, The Disaster Artist, but off-screen, Dave Franco is becoming quite the menswear maestro. At a screening of the film, Franco Jr polished the most basic of navy outfits with a simple tuck-in and pops of colour at the neckline and cuffs.

Who: Joel Kinnaman

Where: Go Campaign Gala, Los Angeles

Joel Kinnaman is one of those rare sorts that looks good in whatever: suited Republican nominee in House Of Cards, body-armoured marksman in Suicide Squad, and now, an expert in red-carpet florals.

It’s not without method, though. The Swedish-American proved his sartorial nous by sticking to one overarching colour theme – blue – and limiting the volume to just one key piece: the jacket. Effortlessness takes effort, after all.

Who: Nick Jonas

Where: American Music Awards, Los Angeles

Nick Jonas is not a rock ‘n’ roll star, but he can dress like one. The 25-year-old is the latest in a long line of men to prove that a leather biker jacket is the perfect finishing touch to an all-black getup. Still doesn’t excuse the discography, though.

Who: Patrick Schwarzenegger

Where: American Music Awards, Los Angeles

The House of Schwarzenegger has given us many things. Mainly ridiculous cinematic one-liners. But when it comes to memorable style, it’s definitely the younger generation that’s responsible. Patrick Schwarzenegger switched a shirt for a roll neck at the American Music Awards, for an outfit that sits on the smarter side of smart-casual. He’ll be back.

Who: Jake Gyllenhaal

Where: New York

All-black is overdone for a reason: it works. Jake Gyllenhaal tapped the easiest trick in the book, using monochrome to eliminate shadows and thus creating a flattering, slimline look. There’s no such thing as the new black.

Who: Harry Styles

Where: The Victoria’s Secret Show, Shanghai

Few men could steal the spotlight when they’re sharing a stage with the world’s most beautiful women, none of whom are wearing much. But there’s only one Harry Styles. The 23-year-old took a new direction to the seventies, combining a flared two-piece with a pastel shirt. Almost better than what Adriana Lima was (not) wearing.

Who: Jim Chapman

Where: Louis Vuitton x Vogue ‘Gingernutz’, London

Jim Chapman, usually confined to the dimensions of a YouTube box, cuts just as fine a figure IRL. Here, a relatively muted look – jacket, jumper, trousers – is given some eye-catching depth thanks to a tartan trouser in a wearable green and navy colourway. Hit the subscribe button.