Despite the titular role in Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Dane DeHaan might not look like your regular save-the-universe-get-the-girl type. He sure does dress like it, though.

At the millionth premiere of Luc Besson’s less-than-booming blockbuster, the 31-year-old wasn’t content dropping one trend on the red carpet. Oh no, he did two. The first – safari tones. As a safe alternative to monochrome, earth shades are an easy way to break the mould and still conform to dress codes. Simply pair with equally neutral colours – blues and whites and the like – and you’ll flex a look that’s on-point without heading off-piste.

Then there’s the omission of a tie, more commonly known as the ‘air tie’. The tailoring move that gained momentum with Gosling, Gyllenhaal et al has found a happy home with DeHaan. This time however, the Chronicle star lets the coloured shirt take centre stage, rather than riffing on simple white. Which means there’s a colour pop and a pivot away from the norm.

Always remember: not all heroes wear capes. Just good tailoring.