Menswear rule #372: flip flops should only be worn around a pool or in a gym shower. Even then, we’d rather risk athlete’s foot than be caught in the act with the world’s ugliest footwear. So praise be that there’s one more reason why you shouldn’t wear them this summer, and it’s straight from the experts.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Dr Christina Long of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre in North Carolina warned about a clear link to shin splints, back pain and tendon issues, as flip flops significantly alter your stride. “Flip flops don’t offer any arch or heel support, and you have to grip them with your toes to keep them on,” Long said. “Wearing them for too long or for the wrong activity can cause a lot of different problems.”

All of which makes complete sense. Since flip flops are specifically designed for the beach – and terrain with lots of grip – they make for poor treads on concrete and indoors. Nobody wants a stubbed toe, either.

So, when you’re packing your holiday luggage this summer, do your legs – and your style credentials – a favour, and pack some sandals instead.