Blaming yourself for a cheating partner is like trying to heal a burn with a boiling pan. If a significant other has played away, chances are the reasons come down to them being a poorly wired human being.

However, new research suggests there could be a few more takeaways beyond a broken heart and some naff DVDs that you can learn to avoid it happening again.

Professional online homewreckers (sorry, extramarital affair site), Gleeded quizzed 5,000 women about their potential temptations for doing the dirty.

More than 73 per cent cited a partner’s stinginess as the main push into another’s arms, followed by lack of attention at 65 per cent. Booze (that age-old potion of infidelity), meanwhile, was listed by 37 per cent as the biggest factor.

So the next time you forgo date night for a few beers with the lads, just remember it’s the little things – a bunch of flowers, the odd dinner out – that make all the difference and could help stop you sobbing into a pillow listening to Adele. Again.