Finally: ginger discrimination is on the wane. And for that, we can apparently thank one big star. No, not Mick Hucknell.

A survey commissioned by gambling site Casumo found that one in five redheads enjoy more female attention thanks to Ed Sheeran’s newfound fame. Respondents found they’d suffered fewer jokes about their locks, too – yes, “carrot top” stopped being funny in Year 3 – and received more compliments as a result.

Plus, women quizzed stated they had more positive perceptions of ginger men since Sheeran hit the Top 40, with one in 20 even going as far to say it was their favourite hair colour.

Which all sounds pretty ridiculous considering it’s 2017. But ginger jokes have been going a long, long stretch, and frankly, it’s high time we stop rinsing people for how they look.

Thank you, Ed (and Prince Harry, and the man from Homeland, and the entire Weasley clan).