When you think of a steamy session with another person, you probably don’t think of it taking place in a gym (unless you’re really adventurous). But that’s exactly what Gymbox is offering with its new class, P.I.T – more uncommonly known as ‘pheromone improvement training’.

The fitness chain’s latest offering is said to boost a participant’s natural scent in the pursuit of a mate, thereby greatly increasing chances of a sexual encounter. And we thought it was all down to good chat/six pints.

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Created by Gymbox’s master trainers, the workout incorporates high-intensity exercises designed to hit key sweat points on the body including the forehead, lower back, groin and armpits (yum).

“Androsterone is the pheromone found in human sweat that acts as an aphrodisiac before it becomes stale on the body,” explains human movement specialist Anne-Marie Lategan. “By harnessing this scent in a gym class, it’s clear Gymbox is letting those looking for love know that they don’t have to look good, but smell even better.”

That would explain the 20-minute high intensity workout while wearing dedicated sweat-suits and a ban on post-workout showers, deodorants, and fragrances – all in a bid to produce enough androsterone for a day of peak sexual magnetism. Seems like a lot of effort (spoiler: it is) when there’s Tinder.