Hell hath no stench like a gym kit ignored. Of course, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that your training gear needs a regular rinse, but according to new reports, it seems there are some things in your kit bag that nobody has been paying proper attention to.

The Canespro Fungal Nail Treatment Set has just published a study that doesn’t bode well for your trainers. A breeding ground for fungus and infection, research found that one in five gym-goes wear trainers over three years old, and aren’t washing them enough either. Speaking to Netdoctor, expert Dr Lisa Ackerley stated that trainers should be left to dry out after every single workout, and if you’re a daily gymmer, alternate with another pair.

Plus, your gym towel should be washed every single day at 60 degree Celsius. Since it harbours millions of germs, and is often used to wipe down other peoples’ nasties from a bench, it needs to be regularly cleaned to stop the transfer of bacteria. Especially when it isn’t even your own.

So the next time you bundle in your post-workout wash, consider what’s on the end of your trotters (and hanging in the shower).