Volta E-Bike

Electric bikes have a bad habit of steering into grandma territory, so it’s good news that California-based Pure Cycles has created the Volta. Kickstarter’s latest big hitter pedals a much sleeker figure than any OAP trolley while packing in an internalised battery that can cover 40 miles per charge, anti-theft GPS tracking and built-in fitness tracking.

Available at Kickstarter, priced around £1,040.

Ford Mustang Hardtop Coupe

What do James Bond, Steve McQueen and Nicolas Cage all have in common? No, not a bevy of beautiful babes on their arms, but the pleasure of having driven the classic Ford Mustang. A bona fide cinematic icon, the very first hardtop Mustang ever produced from 1965 is going up for auction in May. Though as one of the rarest cars ever made, your life savings will probably be Gone In 60 Seconds, too.

Bidding runs 16-21 May at Mecum Auctions.

Bella Freud Lion Candle

Don’t be fooled by the Bob Marley make-up of Bella Freud’s latest candle – the Lion is more a symphony of scents than spliff on the beach. Notes of poivre and cedarwood can freshen the dingiest of dumps, while Freud’s signature colour-block design is more man mansion than lad pad. Light it up.

Available at Style.com, priced £40.

Apple iPhone 7+ Product (Red) Special Edition

Apple has been one of a handful of loyal partners to Product (Red) for the last decade, raising almost £8m to help the fight against AIDS in the process. This year, the tech giant has decked out the iPhone 7 and 7+ in the charity’s signature crimson shade, with every sale contributing to the global fight and research for a cure.

Available at Apple, starting at £699.

Cedes Milano Bar Set

Bartending skills fall into the ‘all gear, no idea’ camp? Cluelessness in the cocktail department needn’t mean lack of style. This extensive set from Italian brand Cedes Milano’s includes everything needed for the king of home bars, with a heavy twist of luxury thanks to a mix of bamboo and stainless steel housed in a brown leather case.

Available at Mr Porter, priced £2,275.

Lomo’instant Automat Glass Magellan

We live in a time of instants – Instagram, instant coffee, even instant loving on Tinder. So it makes sense that our photography should follow suit. Lomography’s new Instant Automat Glass Magellan is the world’s first instant camera with a wide-angle glass lens, so as well as looking handsome, it prints crystal-clear, razor-sharp pictures. Snap happy.

Available at Lomography, priced £169.

Miniot Wheel Turntable

Thought the return of vinyl had hit peak hipster? Think again. The new Wheel Turntable from family-owned Dutch design company Miniot is a minimalist’s wet dream. The Roomba-looking piece of kit is machined out of a single piece of laminated mahogany and uses analogue machinery housed beneath a single spinning record player that can be put flat on a table, placed upright on a stand, or even hung on the wall.

Available at Kickstarter, priced around £408.


Great German engineering doesn’t end at BMW or specialist shampoos. SonoroHiFi, the latest high-performance audio system from the Neuss-based tech firm, can upgrade any pedestrian stereo to Autobahn-status thanks to a powerful three-way music network that blasts out unrivalled sound quality from within a wunderbar lacquered finish design.

Available at Sonoro, priced £1,299.