If Pharrell Williams wasn’t already an icon of the modern entertainment industry, he’s about to become one. This week it was announced that the 43-year-old Benjamin Button-ageing music producer and singer-songwriter is set to inspire a big-screen musical called Atlantis.

While we’re excited to see the story of Williams’ early life growing up in Virginia Beach, it’s thinking about what clothes the film might contain that’s got us well and truly salivating. Because, let’s face it, catchy pop bangers aside, it’s the mountain hats and tartan tuxedos that really set this all-round arbiter of cool apart from the pack.

But don’t take our (or the movie producers’) word for it. Carry on reading to see 20 of the N*E*R*D front man’s best looks from the last 12 months.

Checked Out

Pretty Green

Floral Arrangement

Blue d’État

Match Point

Watch This Space

The Name’s Blond

Hip Hopera

Breeches & Cream

Apocalypse Wow

Can I Have It Like Hat?

Blurred (Gender) Lines

Prints Albert

Drop Knit Like It’s Hot

Grandmaster Tash

Best Coast

White Fly

Leather Permitting

Boyz N The Hood

Fringe Festival