It’s a shame that nobody has invented contact lenses that let you slow down what you see in real time, because they’d be handy when Porsche’s latest 911 rips by. One of the fastest cars the brand has ever made, it’s almost a surprise that this 700-horsepower monster is even road legal.

First appearing at this year’s E3, the 2018 RS version of Porsche’s more experimental line is also one of the carmaker’s most powerful, with a rear-mounted engine muscled up with a goliath 553lb of torque. Obviously, all this gear makes for one very steamy car, which is why added water injections are built in to keep it cool – important when racing to the top speed of 211 mph. On a track day. Obviously. Not the M6. Ahem.

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In a bid to keep things light (and therefore fast), the new GT2 RS boasts only the bare essentials inside, with red and black leather interiors and a rollover cage to the rear. Just in case you take the Tesco roundabout a little too quickly.

Since your average Porsche doesn’t come cheap, expect to pay an uplift in this speed demon. The 911 GT2 RS is currently offered at around £250,000. Which means that you’ll need a Vin Diesel salary to get behind the wheel.