Oh, Robert. His wardrobe’s had more ups-and-downs than the Twilight saga. On a recent jaunt in New York however, our boy redeemed himself in one of the trickiest shades on the colour wheel.

On paper, a green anorak sounds the stuff of trainspotting nightmares. Pattinson, however, moves the piece into 2017 by anchoring with well-fitting staples across the board. It could be a garish choice for outerwear, but the statement colour is given a tonal kick with a khaki tee, letting the 31-year-old rock vibrancy in a relatively muted look. A palette of simple shades will make any colour – from forest green to millennial pink – much easier to wear.

Factor in the Adidas Originals and some squared shades, and Pattinson cuts a far cooler figure than the untucked, scruffy guy we’ve been seeing on the red carpet. Consider yourself absolved (for now).