Who: Michael Fassbender

Where: Song To Song Premiere, SXSW Festival 2017

Michael Fassbender can be quite hit-and-miss in the style stakes, but when he gets it right, it’s a home run. This smart-casual red carpet look is one-part English gent, two-parts Mr Ripley – with a polo shirt that hits two trends thanks to its Cuban collar and neutral shade.

Who: Eddie Redmayne

Where: Into Film Awards, London

If you’re into ‘Fantastic Looks And Where To Find Them’, Newt Scamander’s real life alter ego is always a good place to start. Eddie Redmayne’s top half is a masterclass in layered separates, with a simple shawl neck cardigan and T-shirt in lieu of shirt and tie. The retro-style sneakers below also nod to one of 2017’s biggest footwear trends.

Who: Johannes Huebl

Where: Personal Shopper Premiere, NYC

If ever there was a sign that menswear is relaxing, it’s Johannes Huebl ditching his usual full suit look at the recent premiere of Personal Shopper. Instead, the German-born model dressed down a blazer with a simple knit, black jeans and a just-thrown-on scarf. Matching wife an optional extra.

Who: Brooklyn Beckham

Where: Paris

Brooklyn Beckham may have broken his collarbone, but Golden Balls Jr is still schooling the rest of the class on how to do teenage style right. Vicky’s eldest paired sporting classics in the form of an on-trend track jacket and baseball cap while out in Paris, neatly tied together with slim jeans and suede boots below.

Who: Armie Hammer

Where: Free Fire Premiere, SXSW Festival 2017

Star of the upcoming film Final Portrait, Armie Hammer paints quite the picture off-screen too. After a slew of dark, awards season tailoring looks, this lighter two-piece worn with a microprint shirt and clean sneakers was a welcome change at the SXSW Festival. Monet didn’t make suits, but if he did…

Who: Stanley Tucci

Where: Beauty And The Beast Premiere, NYC

It’s a tale as old as time, Stanley Tucci kept to the classics on the Beauty and the Beast red carpet in New York. The voice behind the Disney movie’s master pianist Maestro Cadenza, Tucci nailed the formalwear basics: a timeless two-piece, textbook dress shoes and a bold wide-knot tie.

Who: Adam Levine

Where: The Tonight Show, NYC

Adam Levine’s latest hits are questionable, but his clothes, thankfully, are less so. Maroon 5’s frontman opted for a sixties-inspired chevron detail polo shirt while on The Tonight Show, complete with black jeans. Turns out, he really does have moves like Jagger.

Who: Jason Statham

Where: LA

Though his baby mama, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, usually steals the show when pictured together, Jason Statham made a good grapple for the spotlight this week. Hollywood’s favourite hard man played to the strengths of all-black while out in LA, with a trio of flattering separates, lightweight outerwear and sleek slip-ons.

Who: Nicholas Hoult

Where: Get Out Screening, London

It’s always sensible to wear something comfortable when watching a horror movie, just in case you need to leg it. So props to Nicholas Hoult for nailing the workwear trend and being ready for action at the London screening of Get Out this week. The woollen jacket is a foolproof way to incorporate texture, while leather boots and indigo jeans quietly channel a sturdy, blue-collar vibe.