When it comes to sports players that get all the action, it’s not exactly a level playing field (sorry, badminton). In fact, there’s one sport that’s a clear winner when it comes to scoring.

Almost half of females consider rugby to be the sexiest sport, according to research by online golf apparel retailer, Golf Support.

The site surveyed 1,750 men and women about which games are the most likely to get their blood pumping from the sidelines, and it turns out the sexes have very different tastes.

When it comes to preferred ball skills, football got just 17 per cent of the vote, followed by tennis, swimming and athletics all on ten. And it’s even worse news for anyone else.

Golfers are only preferred by five per cent of women, and weight-lifting only appeals to two per cent. But a grand total of zero per cent of women said they prefer the prowess of cyclists, badminton and cricket players. And here we were thinking women loved a bit of lycra on a man.

When it comes to bloke’s preferences, tennis was crowned the sexiest female sport, beating athletics over the line. Only seven per cent said they consider female swimmers the sexiest, while footballers apparently get just five per cent of men’s attention.

So there you have it, guys, the way to a woman’s heart – a broken nose and cauliflower ear. Get to work.