Hollywood is in no short supply of men who either nail the red carpet (your Goslings, your Reynolds) or who make top drawer off-duty style look effortless (props to Chris Pratt and Nick Jonas). However there’s only one man in Tinseltown who glides just as smoothly between formalwear and casual cool as he does between his A-list roles and his DJ career.

Thanks to a winning combination of undeniable on-screen presence and off-screen charm, Idris Elba is consistently the sharpest dresser on the block. Whether it’s Stringer Bell’s crisp white shirts or Luther’s staple leather jackets and overcoats, Idris’s Oscar-worthy tailoring or his much-hyped collab with Superdry, he moves from smart to casual to somewhere in the middle with kickboxer precision (yeah – he does that, too).

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Instead of following trends, Elba’s style always keeps it simple. If you fancy adding some Idris to your wardrobe, do the same. Read on for our pick of his best looks to provide some inspiration.

Work It In Transit

Idris Elba Style 2017

Made In Monochrome

Idris Elba Red Carpet 2017

One-note Performance

Idris Elba Oscars Red Carpet

Shades Of Grey

Idris Elba Red Carpet

Capped-off In Style

Idris Elba Suit 2017

Low Key, High Style

Idris Elba Jeans 2017

Cad In A Hat

Idris Elba Hat 2017

The DJ In A DJ

Idris Elba Tuxedo 2017

Award-Winning Tailoring

Idris Elba SAG Awards

The Basics Done Well

Idris Elba Style Lookbook 2017


Idris Elba Dinner Jacket

Laid-Back Linen

Idris Elba Shorts 2017

Feeling Blue

Idris Elba Style Lookbook 2017

Man Of Athleisure

Idris Elba Off-Duty 2017

Bond Try-Outs

Idris Elba James Bond 2017

The Right Stripes

Idris Elba Stripes 2017

Bomber Command

Idris Elba Bomber Jacket 2017

Stans And Delivers

Idris Elba Stan Smiths 2017

Coat Of Armour

Idris Elba Red Carpet Style 2017

Full Military Honours

Idris Elba Red Carpet Style 2017