As you may be aware, we chatted with David Gandy recently about his top style and grooming moves. The man’s a font of knowledge when it comes to looking good and he didn’t disappoint when it came to tailoring advice.

Being a professional clothes horse, you might expect the 37-year-old supermodel to experiment with all sorts of menswear, but Gandy says he has a uniform – a go-to look – just like the rest of us. Better yet, it’s a style that caters to all men – even those without D&G abs.

“My failsafe has always been a three-piece suit in midnight blue, even though I’m wearing them less these days,” Gandy says. “I first started wearing them 20 years ago and they’re still relevant – a strong sign of a historical trend as opposed to a modern one. Men should wear what they feel comfortable in, and this works for me.”

He’s not wrong. The style works for everything from a wedding to a smart office, a day at the races to job interviews.

And as for the brand? “Marks & Spencers and Thom Sweeney,” Gandy says. Get shopping, fellas.