Too often, style advice can seem more like snide finger wagging than a guiding light. But when your name is David Gandy and the guy handing out tips is Tom Ford, it’s verified gospel and everyone should lean in and listen to what’s being said.

When we sat down to talk with Gandy recently, he told us of an encounter with Ford. While the Earth managed to remain on its axis for such a clash of the titans, the male supermodel did hear some of the best style advice he’d ever received.

The D&G frontman revealed: “I’ve sat with Tom Ford in the past, and said, ‘Tom, you look amazing, what’s the secret?’ And he said, ‘You know what, today, tomorrow and the next day you’ll see me in the same suit – the same cut, the same tie and the same colour. Find what works for you, and stick to it.'”

Now we appreciate that Tom Ford threads don’t come cheap, but we’ve long been of the idea that clothes should suit you and not the other way around. Turns out the man himself whole-heartedly agrees.