Zayn Malik has long experimented up top. We’ve had pink, peroxide, buzzed, Corey Feldman fringes, streaks, mops, pompadours – you name it, the ‘Pillow Talk’ singer’s done it. So, there was only one thing left to do.

No, not dreadlocks, as Justin Bieber learnt the hard way, but getting rid. And we mean getting rid. Malik is no stranger to a close cut, but the 24-year-old went a step further with a totally bald head via an Instagram post on his mum’s account.

The boldest of the baldest is a big step normally taken by men’s whose hairline is on the run (some are even likening Malik’s new style to Dr. Evil). However, by countering with a little facial hair and naturally-thick brows, Gigi Hadid’s fella shows the right way to step out with even a severe slaphead.

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And, although it seems an unnecessary move for someone as fortunately locked as Malik, it’s reassuring nonetheless: there’s no shame in going bald, and Tinseltown mimicry is the finest form of flattery. Pass us the Bic.