Who: Orlando Bloom

Where: London, UK

As if double denim wasn’t enough, former elf, now turned serious theatre actor, Orlando Bloom opts for the madness of a triple. Usually the key to multiple denim is to pick one item in a lighter shade than the other, but once again Bloom has no time for your style rules. How does it work then? Going for a very dark shade is the key and breaking it up with a white shirt so you don’t completely disappear into the shadows.

Who: Luke Evans

Where: The Alienist FYC event, Los Angeles, USA

Welsh actor Luke Evans has a debonair man-about-town style marked by light scarfs and helter-skelter heeled Chelsea boots, so this is quite a played down look by Evans’s standards. Still it’s a gorgeous suit, surely tailored (there’s no way a suit off the rack would caress the shoulders so snugly) and with flecks of white gently cutting through the all-blue. It would work well with a white shirt and dress shoes, but for a casual, slightly off duty air just slip on some loafers and a black tee a la Evans.

Who: David Gandy

Where: Cartier Dinner, London, UK

Despite his pyjama collection at Marks & Spencer, international model David Gandy doesn’t really do dressed down – this as close to casual as we’re probably going to get from the Brit. Brown tailoring isn’t for everyone, but its richness enhances other colours around it and works very well with white. The oversized fit on the jacket gives it a classic feel, but it’s not baggy and the peak lapels and pocket square are lovely rakish touches.

Who: Theo James

Where: All Points East Festival, London, UK

There’s two sides to the festival look – you either go crazy under a shower of glitter and ostentatious tie dye, or you take after Divergent actor Theo James and go for the understated, incognito appearance. Wellies are a must, but if you’re lucky and the ground is dry underfoot, tuck them under your jeans for a more discreet look. A black tee is also a good idea due to it hiding mud and hot dog stand stains better than white, and to finish it off – invest in some cool sunglasses for when the sun does eventually shows its beaming face.

Who: Shaun Ross

Where: H&M Pride Collection Launch, Brooklyn, New York

Shaun Ross is known for his boundary pushing as the first ever international male fashion model with albinism. However here the boundaries are pushed in his outerwear choice – a long, sweeping overcoat with notched lapels that cuts ever so slightly into the waist. It’s quite a gothic look so works fantastically with black suede boots, while the grandad collar shirt is a go-to move for those who want a simple base from which to work.

Who: Niall Horan

Where: BBC The Biggest Weekend Festival, Swansea, UK

The One Direction boys were out in force at The Biggest Weekend Festival – just unfortunately for the hordes of screaming fans they were not together. Niall Horan came out looking particularly well put together in a rockabilly style outfit that taps right into the current 1950s style trend. An undershirt is always a good idea if you like to play up your look with a few buttons undone (no one likes a rogue nipple slip) while pleated trousers are working well this summer. The Gibson guitar is optional.

Who: Ryan Reynolds

Where: Narita International Airport, Japan

Someone’s been on holiday as Ryan Reynolds poses up a storm in the airport looking as bronzed as a doorknob. The jeans might be a pinch too tight, but they work very well with the dark green suede jacket. A slightly wider neckline shows off the pecs, without giving too much of the game away while the Derby shoes are smart and polite but we would have gone with some Gucci sneakers to properly match the jacket.

Who: Jason Derulo

Where: Lorraine TV show, London, UK

American R&B singer Jason Derulo hit the British mid-morning TV circuit this week in a very dazzling jacket, which our bleary eyes struggled to contend with. White is all right though if you don’t overdo it, so while the jacket has an fancy shawl lapel, the grey shirt is simple and there’s not a bunch in site on those clean cut black trousers. Finished off with some luxe slip-ons Derulo pulls out a blinder here.

Who: Eric Underwood

Where: Dior Backstage Launch Party, London, UK

Dancer and model Eric Underwood is a fixture on the London fashion scene, and he’s always pretty much the best dressed man in the room, as long as Gandy isn’t around. This Dior jacket positively glimmers in the early evening light, and its thin, unstructured fit works well with the Cuban collar shirt underneath. It would be overkill to do anything jazzy down below, so Underwood wisely chooses black trousers to finish, although surprisingly without the crop.

Who: Sean Combs

Where: The Four Battle for Stardom TV show event, Los Angeles, USA

Puff, P Diddy, Diddy, Daddy, (woops excuse the freudian slip). Whatever Sean Combs is calling himself these days, the rapper is still rocking a strong look. We’ve been banging on about it long before this season began, but bomber jackets are still on trend, and the white stripes work well with the white tee. It’d be a shame to break up the monochrome so Combs just keeps it going with black trousers and high-top sneakers for a look that works hard without needing to put much effort in.