The Best-Dressed Men Of The Week

Who: Anderson Paak

Where: TIDAL x Brooklyn Benefit Concert, New York

It’s tough out there in the streetwear jungle, but R&B crooner Anderson Paak knows that sometimes in order to survive you just got to dodge the style bullets and stick to your tried and tested camo combo. Add a slim fitting dark hoodie slipped underneath for streetwear outfit combo 101.

Anderson Paak

Who: Nick Jonas

Where: TIDAL x Brooklyn Benefit Concert, New York

Wing commander Jonas reporting for best-dressed men of the week duty here in some natty pinstripe trousers balanced by a sleek mock neck sweater and a throwback cut on the leather jacket that adds bulk up top. You’ve earned your stripes Jonas, now go win the war.

Nick Jonas

Who: Eric Rutherford

Where: NewFest Opening Night, New York

Making like Big Bird from Sesame Street is absolutely no-one’s idea of a go-to formal look (sorry double B). But if you get the right shade of yellow (always darker) and tame the hue with all-black everywhere else then you can come away looking less like an awkward puppet show flapper and a whole lot more like style superstar Eric Rutherford.

Eric Rutherford

Who: Darren Kennedy

Where: Specsavers Spectacle Wearer of the Year Awards, London

Irish TV presenter and one of our favourite style influencers on the ‘gram, Darren Kennedy aims wide on the lapels this week but gets it bang on target all the same. The shade, pattern and texture of the suit are statement enough so he wears it with a simple white tee and some killer brown suede shoes.

Darren Kennedy

Who: David Gandy

Where: London, UK

When we’re caught startled it’s usually in a pair of sloppy sweats with our hands hoovering up the last of the Haribo from the bag. But when model and tailoring maestro David Gandy is taken by surprise it’s with his hand expertly rested in his trouser pocket with a fine luxe double breasted jacket up top and a pair of tailored black trousers toning down the dazzle down below. Damn, life’s unfair.

 David Gandy

Who: Troye Sivan

Where: ‘Boy Erased’ Film Premiere, Los Angeles

The second purveyor of the menswear hand tuck this week (it adds movement and dynamism to the photo don’t you know) is popstar Troye Sivan. He’s sporting a distinctly slouchy 80s-inspired suit with lapels so ginormous they deserve their own guest spot on Dynasty (big lapels are becoming a bit of a thing ain’t they?).

Troye Sivan

Who: Liam Payne

Where: Westfield London’s 10th Birthday Celebration, London

Bringing the pain to another week of best dressed men, the former 1D man is a bit of a wunderkid when it comes to high-low styling. Here we see him slot in a pair of tailored trousers with a simple neutral khaki tee and some casual Converse kicks, all married together by a sharp crop and a neat shirt tuck.

Liam Payne

Who: Rami Malek

Where: ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ NY Premiere, New York

It’s saying something when a spiffy grey checked suit like this one as worn by Bohemian Rhapsody main man Rami Malek is one of the more played down tailoring looks of the week. But with a black shirt and a spiffy air-tie underneath keeping the look modern and a slim fit down the trouser leg keeping it trim, this is business as usual for Malek. Keeping his high standards up without having to over stretch himself with anything too ‘out there’.

Rami Malek

Who: Hugh Jackman

Where: ‘The Front Runner’ NY Premiere, New York

He can act, he can sing, he can force claw blades from his knuckles. And now he can lead a trend, too – brown tailoring in this case. When the winter season is dulling your skin you’d be wise to follow Jackman’s lead and bring the rich and versatile hue into your wardrobe, making a change from all that snoring-boring navy and black.

Hugh Jackman

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