Who: Lucky Blue Smith

Where: Montblanc Meisterstuck Le Petit Prince Event, New York

New dad duties mean that model/influencer/serial good clothes wearer Lucky Blue Smith has been MIA lately, but it was business as usual this week in New York. Teaming a white dinner jacket with all-black companions and a judiciously placed necklace, he crossed Roger Moore’s Bond with lashings of generation Z styling, and it worked surprisingly well.

Who: Johannes Huebl

Where: The Last O.G. Premiere, New York

It’s well-known that Johannes Huebl does the whole preppy shtick better than anyone we can think of. However, rather than stick to the usual, this week the German model went rogue(ish) by rocking a pair of relaxed-leg trousers and minimal sneakers with a shawl-neck cardigan layered beneath a coat. Consider us shook, in the best possible way.

Who: John Cho

Where: Blockers Premiere, Los Angeles

The navy suit is a trusted piece of tailoring trope, and for good reason. But that doesn’t mean it’s safe from becoming stale. Take John Cho’s lead and keep it fresh with a subtle check design, fine roll neck and decorative sunnies for more than a touch of sprezzatura.

Who: Darren Criss

Where: Mexico City, Mexico

Away from the red carpet, when celebrities are out doing ‘normal people’ stuff, is when you get a much clearer picture of their personal style. Pounding the pavement in Mexico City, American Crime Story breakout star Darren Criss proved he doesn’t need a stylist to look good, combining mid-wash jeans with a light, stonewashed jacket and striped top for one killer double denim outfit.

Who: Oliver Cheshire

Where: London

The list of things that Oliver Cheshire wears well is never-ending, and this week there was yet another addition: statement kicks. Nike’s divisive Air Max 1/97 trainers may be currently parked on the feet of every sneakerhead worth their salt, but Cheshire’s pairing with pale pink chinos and a striped zip top is definitely our favourite outing for the pair yet.

Who: Victor Cruz

Where: We All Wear Moncler Launch, New York

On paper, a bright orange quilted puffer sounds more than a little tricky to pull of. Yet Victor Cruz’s styling, which involved using a classic white shirt to let the jacket do the talking (err, screaming?), should be more than enough to change the hearts and minds of any naysayers.

Who: Don Benjamin

Where: Rampage Premiere, Los Angeles

Patterned shirts can go one of two ways: less-than wearable wallpaper or printed perfection. At the LA premiere of Rampage, model, actor and rapper Don Benjamin schooled us all on how to slide firmly into the latter camp by recruiting some neatly cut trousers and black patent shoes as sidekicks, allowing his floral upper half to do all of the talking.

Who: Michael K Williams

Where: Vice Season Six Launch, New York

To anyone who says a hoodie can’t be worn convincingly by a man over the age of 20, we offer you Michael K Williams. Balancing out the streetwear essential and ripped jean combo at the season six premier of Vice, Williams added in classic black Derbies and a hipster hat. All of which goes to show that age is no barrier to looking cool AF.

Who: Dwayne Johnson

Where: Rampage Premiere, Los Angeles

If Dwayne Johnson were a normal guy, he’d need a loyalty card for the big and tall store. Fortunately, being one of Hollywood’s highest-grossing actors means access to far finer threads. Case in point: this grey checked suit, worn with slim-profile double monks, which help lessen the man’s mountainous frame. What’s more, by the look of his stance, he’s finally figured out how to fasten those pesky cufflinks, too.

Who: Seth Rogen

Where: Blockers Premiere, Los Angeles

The modern world is full of Lewis Hamiltons and Jared Letos, each competing to be louder than the last. So the sight of funnyman Seth Rogen nailing good old-fashioned tailoring came as a welcome respite this week. Wearing nothing more controversial than a knitted tie, it’s hardly a cutting-edge look, but it serves as a timely reminder that good fit and a tonal palette is nothing to be laughed at.