Who: Eddie Redmayne

Where: Good Morning America, New York

Cambridge grad Eddie Redmayne didn’t leave the varsity threads at Trinity College. During a recent appearance in New York, the 36-year-old scored full marks with a series of preppy style classics, melding a tricolour of layers up-top for some extra credit. Add to that a pair of cleverly-deployed wayfarers to the collar, and here’s a rare instance of brains and beauty.

Who: Michael B. Jordan

Where: Calvin Klein Show, New York

Black Panther is breaking boundaries as well as box office records, and here’s another accolade: the best-dressed cast of all time. We refer you to Michael B. Jordan. On Calvin Klein’s front row, the film’s lead villain showed us how to wear a statement knit, grounding the volume with go-to black jeans and classic boots. Maybe add ‘best jumper of 2018’ to that list, too.

Who: Sebastian Stan

Where: Calvin Klein Show, New York

If the runway is anything to go by, western threads are back. But before you reach for the Stetson (or, more likely, recoil in horror), you can make like Sebastian Stan and settle for minimal cowboy details – in this case, the shirt and overcoat – within a tailored, razor-sharp look. Yee-haw.

Who: Oscar Isaac

Where: Annihilation Premiere, Los Angeles

He may be catatonic for the majority of his latest flick, but Annihilation’s Oscar Isaac is clearly wide awake when he’s getting dressed. Here, he gives the navy two-piece – long a menswear classic – an upgrade on two fronts thanks to a windowpane check for depth, and similarly coloured accompaniments for a tonal finish.

Who: Chadwick Boseman

Where: Marvel ‘Welcome To Wakanda’ Celebration, New York

Highlander meets Michael Jordan sounds all sorts of wrong in an outfit – but Chadwick Boseman isn’t the only guy who could pull it off. Chime your own statement colours – in this case, red – with an overcoat-hoodie combo, and you’ll wear it just as well.

Who: Caleb McLaughlin

Where: 3.1 Phillip Lim Show, New York

Very few of us are this well-dressed at the tender age of 16. Fewer still can get away with wearing these trends at once. Yet that’s exactly what Caleb McLaughlin did, pulling off a tricky print clash by sticking to a restrained colour palette. Funny: at 16, we were in ill-fitting flame shirts and three-quarter lengths.

Who: Darren Criss

Where: 8th Annual Guild of Music Supervisor Awards, Los Angeles

Despite a role on American Crime Story, Darren Criss isn’t quite ‘Versace Versace Versace’. The 31-year-old opted for quieter threads instead, relaxing what could be a stuffy look by switching a standard blazer for a knitted alternative, and ensuring every shade remained in step. Beats skintight leather and a hi-vis tan, anyway.

Who: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Where: Nike Football Event, London

Footballers aren’t all wet-look gel and rosary beads. Well, Neymar is. But look to Liverpool’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain instead – a good sport who toned down the Stone Island clobber with a classic white T-shirt, darker denim and just a slither of a floral print.

Who: Bill Skarsgård

Where: Proenza Schouler Fragrance Party, New York

Bill Skarsgård: It on-screen, ‘It’ boy off it. The actor has a firm handle on monochrome dressing, with a horizontally-lined sweater and bomber jacket building bulk from the waist up. Repeat with fail-safe tones to make ‘It’ yourself.

Who: Brooklyn Beckham

Where: New York

Sure, Brooklyn Beckham did the whole hipster Oliver Twist look well. But the streetwear Artful Dodger look is even better. Vans, black jeans and a T-shirt are the holy trinity of an easy weekend wardrobe, but the overcoat adds some much-needed polish with extra marks for the beanie and subtle chain. Please sir, can we have some more?