Who: Victor Cruz

Where: Delilah Nightclub, LA

Cruising into the club in jorts is risky business, but when you’re a Super Bowl winner like wide receiver Victor Cruz we guess you could still slip past the bouncers with an egg on your head. Regardless Cruz makes the ripped jean shorts a strong look, and one just about pulled off with a bold complementary green in the rugby shirt and a not-so-subtle bit of branding flashed across the chest.

Who: Darren Criss

Where: ‘The Assassination of Gianni Versace American Crime Story’ FYC event, LA

Former Glee star Darren Criss has a habit of dressing criss-ply (forgive us god of puns for we have sinned). Anyway, here he goes again in a medium weight suit that has kept its structure impeccably with its strong roped shoulders. Elsewhere, with a subtle texture to the suit it is best to play it like Criss and choose a simple one-colour shirt or T-shirt to sit underneath.

Who: Luka Sabbat

Where: New York

Luka Sabbat is an easy target for the street style snappers of New York, seeing as every time he steps out the door it’s in a get-up that instantly makes him the coolest cat in the city. The model and entrepreneur has a way of making high fashion look non-ridiculous when worn out on the street and we think that’s down to his mastery of contrast, as seen here. The oversized shirt is paired with some slightly tapered pinstripe trousers that are craftily rolled up at the hem so it doesn’t just look he’s wearing dad’s clothes for the day.

Who: Pharrell Williams

Where: Apollo In The Hamptons, New York

It takes a brave man to wear a short suit but Pharrell ain’t nothing if not brave (although we did hear he had a rather successful music career to fall back on). If you are going to follow suit, this is the way to wear it, in a summery linen with a simple polo shirt tucked neatly underneath. Less is more when you’re missing the bottom half of your trouser legs.

Who: Khalid

Where: Teen Choice Awards, LA

R&B singer Khalid is repping the Fendi hard here, even rolling up the jacket sleeves so you can see the branding in the lining (well, when you’ve shelled out you want people to know). It would all be far too busy if it wasn’t for the white shirt bringing it all together and those brown suede boots to go matchy-matchy with the Fendi-Fendi trim.

Who: Guy Pearce

Where: ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ TV show, New York

We’ve seen actor Guy Pierce in some great films down the years (give Memento a watch for Pierce at his very best) and now we get to see him in a great summer shirt. The cut is exactly how you want it just below the waistband on the hem and around the middle of the biceps on the sleeve. Meanwhile, a statement shirt like this needs nothing fancy down below, so a pair of slim chinos and polished Derby shoes will do just fine.

Who: Sterling K. Brown

Where: An Evening With “This Is Us”, LA

This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown is becoming a bit of an under-the-radar style icon at the moment. He might not court the fashion crowd like the influencers do but he sure has the chops to compete with them sartorially. Take this beige get up for starters – well fitted, its mastery comes from the shirt choice with those light brown dots matching with the shoes and suit, while its white background teams up with the white pocket square slotted into Brown’s breast pocket.

Who: Henry Golding

Where: BUILD Speaker Series, New York

Another man making all the right style noises on recent red carpets is Crazy Rich Asians leading man Henry Golding – last week we saw him in a snazzy sky blue dinner jacket. He’s swapped it out this time around for a more business-like navy suit, which he knows full well is neutral enough for him to wear a jazzy vertical stripe shirt underneath.

Who: Edgar Ramirez

Where: ‘The Assassination of Gianni Versace American Crime Story’ FYC event, LA

Famous for playing one of the greatest fashion designers of all time, Gianni Versace, there must surely be a bit of pressure on actor Edger Ramirez to live up to his character’s esteemed style. Ed’s got this though, knowing like Versace would have done that rich burgundy and light grey is as classy pairing as you’re likely to get, while a suede Chelsea boot will go with pretty much everything.

Who: Cole Sprouse

Where: Teen Choice Awards, LA

The chambray shirt cuts a fine line between casual and formal making it all the better for Riverdale star Cole Sprouse to use it in an outfit that also bridges that same gap. A razzle-dazzle white blazer is therefore toned down by the Chambray’s light indigo hue, while the black skinny jeans are the perfect cut for right now, not crushing the thighs but not flapping around at the hem.