The Best-Dressed Men Of The Week

Who: John Boyega

Where: Moncler AW18 Show, Milan

Spending a sizeable portion of your working life in a rigid Star Wars stormtrooper get-up must be pretty restrictive, so John Boyega’s khaki Moncler quilted coat was most likely welcome to the actor for its toilet-friendly nature alone. Add to this the fact that it looks pretty sick layered over all black and it’s no wonder that Boyega kept his coat on indoors.

The Best Dressed Men Of The Week

Who: Orlando Bloom

Where: BAFTA Awards, London

Just when Orlando Bloom was in danger of leaving us terminally not bothered by his on-again, off-again relationship with Katy Perry, he appeared back on our radar with this blackout look at the BAFTAs. Yes, it’s a black suit at awards do, but take note of the razor-sharp fit and the shade matching between his shirt and his blazer. You’re alright by us, Orlando.

Orlando Bloom at BAFTA Awards, London

Who: Eric Underwood

Where: Fabulous Fund Fair, London

It’s a universally acknowledged truth that velvet feels good but is a tricky beast to master. Professional ballet dancer and menswear circuit stalwart Eric Underwood showed us how to tame the difficult fabric this week, however, courtesy of a simple black velvet two-piece and white shirt combo.

The Best Dressed Men Of The Week

Who: Donald Glover

Where: Atlanta Season 2 Premiere, LA

You know what’s not our type on paper? A bright yellow leather jacket, that’s what. But, that’s exactly what had us weak at the knees at the premiere of Atlanta season two. Modelled by FashionBeans Best-Dressed Man 2017, Donald Glover, and chaperoned by a classic white shirt, grey tailored trousers and brown leather boots; it reminded us why the seventies trend deserves all of the praise it’s been getting.

Donald Glover at Atlanta Season 2 Premiere, LA

Who: Calvin Harris

Where: BRIT Awards, London

To all those who accuse black and white of being boring, we offer you Calvin Harris at this week’s Brit Awards. Black shirt: uneventful. Black shoes: nothing to see here. Black and white Christian Dior micro logo suit: now we’re talking. Well played, Calvin.

The Best Dressed Men Of The Week

Who: Chadwick Boseman

Where: GQ x Neiman Marcus All-Star Weekend Party, LA

Another week, another truckload of sartorial mega hits from the cast of Black Panther. Fresh from appearing half-dressed on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, leading man Chadwick Boseman popped his clothes back on and schooled us all in how to do nearly-all-black-everything with the help of a few strategically placed pops of colour.

Chadwick Boseman at GQ x Neiman Marcus All-Star Weekend Party, LA

Who: Justin Timberlake

Where, BRIT Awards, London

Justin Timberlake’s recent Super Bowl performance was widely acknowledged as a car crash, but JT’s wardrobe seems to have gone into full damage limitation mode. Who knew a bright red scarf, navy double-breasted suit and brown suede boot combo could make us 180 from sheer pity to wide-eyed admiration so quickly?

The Best Dressed Men Of The Week

Who: Joel Edgerton

Where: Red Sparrow Photocall, London

If you thought Captain Birdseye had a monopoly on the double-breasted navy blazer, peacoat and pale trousers look then you were wrong. This week, while on promo duties for his new film Red Sparrow, Joel Edgerton took inspiration from everyone’s favourite peddler of processed fish but added a pair of chunky Chelsea boots, a rugged beard and lost the stupid hat. We can get on board with that.

Joel Edgerton at Red Sparrow Photocall, London

Who: Oliver Cheshire

Where: Fabulous Fund Fair, London

Yes, that’s the sound of the guardians of good suit etiquette rolling in their graves, because coloured tailoring is officially a ‘thing’ this season. Just ask Oliver Cheshire, who rocked up to the Fabulous Fund Fair charity event in a turquoise peak-lapel number with none of the traditional trimmings. Rules are quite clearly made to be broken.

The Best Dressed Men Of The Week

Who: Troye Sivan

Where: BRIT Awards, London

Ever since the turn of the millennium, leather jackets have suffered from post-Matrix fatigue syndrome: they’re only acceptable if they skim your hips. But thanks to Troye Sivan’s black belted field jacket – worn extremely shrewdly with monochrome companions at the BRIT Awards – we’re rethinking our resistance to long-length leather.

The Best Dressed Men Of The Week

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