The Best-Dressed Men Of The Week

Who: Noah Schnapp

Where: 52nd Annual CMA Awards, Arrivals, Nashville

They’re the most sartorially gifted teen idols since Paul Anka… wait, are we showing our years here? Anyway, here’s one-fifth of the Stranger Things set Noah Schnapp cutting shapes in a pinstripe suit, with a nifty T-shirt tuck to smarten his look up as well as some chilled out sneakers to make sure it isn’t too spiffy.

Noah Schnapp

Who: Jeff Goldblum

Where: London, UK

What do we have here? A wild Jeff Goldblum purring his way through London in a pattern-clashing outfit complete with a knowing raised eyebrow. Want to know how Jeff clashes his patterns with such aplomb? It’s all in the neutral tones – playing it risky with pattern means having to take it down a notch with colour.

Jeff Goldblum

Who: Michael B. Jordan

Where: ‘Creed II’ Film Premiere, New York

Guys with boulder shoulders need a little more help with tailoring than us mere mortals (we don’t feel sorry for them, mind). A ramrod-straight shoulder line will struggle to fit around those of Hollywood heavyweight Michael B. Jordan, as it’d create a ripple effect down the arm that leaves tons of lumpy folds. A softer, relaxed construction will wrap around the shoulders though, keeping the fabric smooth just as it does on Jordan here.

Michael B. Jordan

Who: Taron Egerton

Where: Craig’s Restaurant, Los Angeles

The thing about wearing yellow is it always has to be the star of the show. A backing band of brown, white and black or blue are pretty much the only shades that will go with it. But always let the yellow play out front, like Welsh actor Taron Egerton does here with his bold over-shirt nabbing all the plaudits.

Taron Egerton

Who: Dave Franco

Where: ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ Special Screening, Westwood

Actor Dave Franco is always impeccably well put together. His key is a rotation of autumnal classics, from a herringbone coat at Paris Fashion Week in October to this borg collar denim jacket. Then it just takes a neutral palette of blacks and greys underneath and everyone’s so charmed by your style they forget the older brother.

Dave Franco

Who: Idris Elba

Where: Evening Standard Theatre Awards, London

Is Idris Elba the sexiest man in the world? We’d rather not comment and just wish our mum would stop texting us her two cents on the matter. That’s not to say we don’t think the 007 contender isn’t a snappy dresser, linking up a windowpane check three-piece with a crisp white shirt and velvet tie for a timeless, and dare we say it, sexy style.

Idris Elba

Who: Chadwick Boseman

Where: Governors Awards, Los Angeles

Whether it’s ascending to superstar status as the latest member of the Marvel family or turning up to the Met Gala dressed like Liberace as the Pope, our boy Chad has been living his best life in 2018. So not an eyelid was bat this week when he stepped out in a knee-length red snakeskin coat, as long as he struck that red against a backdrop of sharp black tailoring, which of course he did.

Chadwick Boseman

Who: Rami Malek

Where: Governors Awards, Los Angeles

The air tie is a favourite sartorial choice of Freddie Mercury impersonator Rami Malek, who routinely makes it look easier than it is. The lack of a clashing tie to worry about gives the wearer an opportunity to bring in a printed shirt, but only so long as it fits and isn’t too loud as to overshadow the cut of the suit.

Rami Malek

Who: Timothee Chalamet

Where: Governors Awards, Los Angeles

The Governors Awards was certainly a well-dressed ceremony this year. And as if an uber-stylish pairing of Malek and Boseman wasn’t enough, they also managed to nab themselves a Chalamet. Sporting another one of his intricately detailed suits, the Call Me By Your Name star is starting to collect quite the wardrobe.

Timothee Chalamet

Who: Oliver Cheshire

Where: Selfridges Department Store, London

What’s black, white, and red? A nun that fell down the stairs. Oh and male model extraordinaire Oliver Cheshire who may or may not have fallen down the staircase behind him but is certainly repping the trio, with a luxe red coach jacket from Parisian brand Ami drawing the eyes up top while skinny jeans balance out the bulk down below.

Oliver Cheshire

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