Who: Dave Franco

Where: Valentino Show, Paris

You don’t need a technicolour screamcoat to get papped on the front row. Sure, it helps, but you can also make like Dave Franco – a man that cleverly dressed down a chocolate two-piece with a grey sweater. The result? A smart-casual way to stay notable without going novelty.

Who: Idris Elba

Where: Sundance Film Festival, Utah

Despite a leading role in poker thriller Molly’s Game, Idris Elba’s Sundance gear left nothing to chance. The 45-year-old used his winter wardrobe ace in the hole – the parka jacket – to add bulk to his considerable frame and raise his monochrome staples with some luxe-looking texture.

Who: Neymar Jr.

Where: Louis Vuitton Show, Paris

Well colour us surprised. Neymar – a man that should’ve been tried at the Hague for crimes against menswear – nailed a tonal, textured look, anchoring colourful volume up top with muted classics below. We’ll even let the rosary beads slide (just this once, mind).

Who: Luka Sabbat

Where: Dior Homme Show, Paris

Yes, the whole influencer thing may be tiresome, but at least Luka Sabbat kept things fresh at the Dior Homme show. By opting for a tailored overcoat, Instagram’s wunderkind dressed up a white T-shirt and basic jeans, while flattering his frame with structured shoulders and a razor-sharp fit. It’s a double tap from us.

Who: James Marsden

Where: Louis Vuitton Show, Paris

James Marsden’s on-screen wardrobe is questionable at best (see: red-tinted wraparounds in X-Men). Lucky, then, that he dresses more like a style superhero in real life. At the Louis Vuitton show, Cyclops integrated a bomber jacket into a smarter look by sticking to crisp, clean lines throughout and ensuring every piece was tailored to perfection. Much better than skin-tight biker leathers.

Who: David and Brooklyn Beckham

Where: Louis Vuitton Show, Paris

For a clan as well-dressed as the Beckhams, fashion week is a family affair. And, as per usual, David and Brooklyn’s latest outing in Paris didn’t disappoint, with dad and lad both flexing some easy-to-wear texture via mottled wool and herringbone overcoats. The family that frow together, grow together.

Who: Joe Keery

Where: 24th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, LA

At last: a Joe Keery look that isn’t all about his hair (magnificent though it is). At the SAG Awards, the Stranger Things star’s signature locks were overshadowed by a symphony of all-black tailoring – definitive proof that head-to-toe monochrome is flattering, simple and stylish.

Who: Oliver Cheshire

Where: Schiaparelli Show, Paris

Oliver Cheshire: top male model, now an X-rated prawn star. At the Schiaparelli show in Paris, the 29-year-old was in rude health thanks to a crustacean-embellished jacket. Which sounds a little odd, but the M&S frontman made it work by teaming the eye-catching outerwear with foolproof, all-black pieces. Consider your browsing history safe – and very well-dressed.

Who: John Legend

Where: Sundance Film Festival, Utah

With a wardrobe this consistent, it’s easy to forget that John Legend is famous first and foremost for his lungs. The ‘All Of Me’ crooner kicked the duffle coat up an octave, settling for a series of stripes that, although potentially garish, are made wearable thanks to a burnt-out palette. We’ll take this over another ballad any day.

Who: Noah Schnapp

Where: 24th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, LA

A world in which 13-year-olds dress better than their adult counterparts? No, not the Upside Down, but this very dimension where Noah Schnapp seems to do no wrong. The Stranger Things star made a velvet two-piece look effortless, sticking to a dark, wearable forest green colourway and keeping volume elsewhere to a minimum. Factor in the simple dress loafers too, and here’s a move stronger than any Mind Flayer.