River Island Ditch The Label Charity T-Shirt

To those who say fashion is fickle, we raise you this T-shirt from River Island’s latest campaign. Aside from putting its woke credentials front and centre, you’ll get change from £20 and spruce up your collection of white T-shirts in the process.

Buy Now: £18.00

Dior Sauvage Eau De Parfum

Dior Sauvage has been one of the safest bets as far as scents go for more than half a century. Now available as a longer-lasting eau de parfum and with top notes of citrus and a vetiver base, there’s no excuse for smelling like you got spritzed in a nightclub toilet.

Buy Now: £62.00

Pretty Green Black Label Knitted Polo Shirt

Polo shirts fall into one of two categories: bad stag party clobber or sharp summer gear Dickie Greenleaf would be proud of. Pretty Green’s black label example is firmly in the latter camp thanks to an on-trend camel colourway and subtle tipping detail. Nice one, Liam.

Buy Now: £85.00

Hudson Wynford Suede Navy Chelsea Boot

Assuming you’ve already ticked off black and brown Chelsea boots as part of your sartorial arsenal, you need another excuse to stock up, right? Try on Hudson’s Wynford navy suede pair for size. Buttery-soft suede, double heel tabs, navy colourway – what’s not to like?

Buy Now: £130.00

Castore Kendrick Bag

Ever wondered what Harry and Wills use to cart their workout gear? This is it. The Kendrick bag from British sportswear brand Castore is next-level luggage, featuring temperature-regulating side pockets, anti-odour storage bags and a padded mesh laptop sleeve to switch between the gym, office and palace with ease.

Buy Now: £145.00

Hummel Marathona x Mita

In case you didn’t get the memo that bold trainers are big news, consider this a friendly reminder. To get in step with the season’s hottest trainer trend, look to this collaboration between Denmark-based sportswear firm Hummel and Tokyo sneaker store Mita, which are inspired by Danish pastries. Delicious.

Buy Now: £109.00

Topman Oversized Black Leather Biker Jacket

If you haven’t got a black leather biker jacket in your outerwear line-up, you’re not doing menswear right. Luckily, Topman has got you covered with this oversized version, which is cut generous enough that it skips the awkward breaking-in phase.

Buy Now: £140.00

Fairfield Contactless Payment Watch

We may not have flying cars quite yet, but contactless payment watches are a pretty good consolation prize. Fairfield’s take on high-tech chronology achieves that rare feat thanks to integrated Barclays bPay functionality, making it both impressively intelligent and annoyingly good looking.

Buy Now: £159.00

H&M Super Skinny Trashed Jeans

Though you might not have the voice to fill a stadium, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from dressing like a rock god. H&M’s super-skinny trashed jeans have just the right level of ‘lived in’ to give your wardrobe those effortless I-woke-up-like-this vibes.

Buy Now: £24.99

Reiss Finde Striped Shirt

Plain basics are nice and all, but they can be a slippery slope into a boring wardrobe wormhole. This Reiss vertical striped shirt is an easy way to introduce some pattern to your line-up (see what we did there?). It’s a multi-tasker, too, so you can take it from work to the weekend without even thinking about it.

Buy Now: £95.00

Baxter of California Beard Line-up Shave Gel

Some ideas are so stupidly simple and effective that we kick ourselves for not thinking of them first. Such is the case with Baxter of California’s beard line-up shave gel, which is clear and non-foaming, so you can see where the stray hairs are lurking. Genius.

Buy Now: £18.00

Tommy Hilfiger Allen Sweatshirt

Tommy Hilfiger has swapped the varsity crown for a nineties revival of late, but the brand’s signature preppy threads are still better than ever. This Letterman sweater is clean, simple and in a colour that’s sure to pair effortlessly with everything else in your rotation.

Buy Now: £50.00

Mango Technical Fabric Checked Jacket

Attempting to reinvent the wheel often ends in disaster, so this technical fabric checked jacket from Mango gently updates the classic Harrington, and we must say, it’s done the already likeable design wonders.

Buy Now: £59.99

Maison Kitsuné Logo-Embroidered Cotton-Blend Cap

Parisian style isn’t all Breton stripes and berets. As French outfit Maison Kitsuné proves on a regular basis, there’s a cooler scene to be enjoyed: this time, with a five-panel cap that pours tricolour patriotism into a streetwear shell.

Buy Now: £70.00

Jaeger Slim Fit Trouser

British label Jaeger has longed turned out impeccable wardrobe classics, and these slim-fit trousers are no exception. Khaki is an easy way to flex some muted colour, while the shade itself nods to the military trend without heading into Action Man territory.

Buy Now: £89.00

Paul Smith Leather Mackerel Print Carholder

In theory, Paul Smith’s mackerel print cardholder sounds pretty out there. But in practice, there’s nothing fishy about this bold leather accessory, which blows its basic brown and black rivals out of the water.

Buy Now: £120.00

Todd Snyder x Champion Loopback Cotton-Jersey Shorts

Millennial pink isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and we’re glad because for too long men have missed out on this apparently feminine hue. These shorts, a collaboration between New York designer Todd Snyder and sportswear brand Champion, come in a spring-ready shade that’s enough to make us want to cast off all of our black and navy immediately.

Buy Now: £85.00

M&S Collection Reversible Mac With Stormwear

High-street stalwart Marks and Spencer gets unfairly overlooked for its wallet- and wardrobe-friendly menswear. Case in seriously stylish point: this reversible navy mac. It looks good, offers two designs for the price of one and boasts Stormwear water-repellent technology. Did somebody say triple threat?

Buy Now: £89.00