The Best New Menswear Pieces To Buy Right Now

Asics Gel-Saga Trainers

The only thing better than the array of trainers you can buy these days is the outlandish names that come with them. Take for example the new Gel-Saga trainers from Asics that might sound like a pomade odyssey where said hair product has to battle various trials and tribulations (rain! humidity! vigorous wind tunnel!), but are actually a super cool resurrection of a cult classic Asics released back in 1991. Buy Now: £90.00


Oliver J. Woods Perilla Oil

Talking of haircare battles, here’s one sidekick you certainly want with you in your quest to tame the beast (and frizz). Perilla oil is an edible substance derived from the perilla seed that can be used to pat down unruly hairs as well as working well as a beard oil due to its ability to moisturise the skin underneath. It’s not the easiest thing to grab hold of but hair grooming brand Oliver J. Woods has you covered. Buy Now: £26.00


Oliver Spencer Forte Scarf

Summer breeze, makes you feel fine, until your bare neck is left shivering at the post work rooftop party as the breeze turns brittle. Not to worry as flying like a Persian rug to your rescue is this fine summer scarf from Oliver Spencer which comes in a beautiful 100% linen check fabric. Buy Now: £41.00


H&M Nigeria Fine-Knit Socks

H&M are celebrating the World Cup from the head down to the toes with the release of national socks to represent your team during the tournament. Now we half agree that we should have picked England, but they’re only going to disappoint us once again so we have instead gone for Nigeria, who are a fashion phenomenon right now after their zig-zag World Cup kit sold out in mere minutes. Buy Now: £2.99


Orlebar Brown x Mr Porter Father and Son Day T-Shirt

While we think the bods behind Orlebar Brown should already be knighted for services to swimwear, the brand is also a keen supporter of charities, including the ‘Father & Son Day’ initiative that seeks to inspire men to talk about cancer and raise money for research and counselling for sufferers. This is the fourth year in a row they have launched a capsule collection in support of the charity and the slogan T-shirts are both uplifting and fun. Buy Now: £45.00


North 89 Cream Sneakers

When will all these Scandinavian brands give it a rest with the hyper stylish clothing they seem to have on a never ending factory belt and let everyone else catch up? Never, it seems, if Swedish footwear brand North 89 has anything to do with it, with a summer collection that oozes effortless cool as best shown by these smooth sneakers complete with breathable airy mesh. Buy Now: £163.00


Maison Labiche Sporty Jacket

When it comes to French elegance on a relative budget (well compared to compatriots Louis Vuitton and Givenchy) you can’t go far wrong with Maison Labiche, capeesh? Its summer collection is full of casual tees with spunky handwritten script slogans on them like ‘playboy’ or ‘decadence’, plus cosmo-groovy bombers and fleeces like this velvety track top to throw over the top. Buy Now: £101.00


Russell Athletic Lilac Crew Neck Sweatshirt

The menswear boffins have been hitting the lab trying to find the new hot colour to follow the likes millennial pink, gen-z yellow and minty green. Step forth luscious lilac TM, as featured on this grand summer sweatshirt from American sportswear brand Russell Athletic. Not only is the colour a pastel heaven, but it’s also made out of a cotton blend because a sweatshirt is nothing if it’s not comfy enough to have a summer snooze in. Buy Now: £40.00


Original Penguin Tropical Floral Print Shirt

The floral shirt market is blooming this summer meaning there are plenty of quality pieces to pluck from the menswear beds. This short-sleeved shirt from Original Penguin isn’t as flashy-flashy as some Hawaiian shirts, but we still enjoy the ice cool blasts of light blue and warming tones of orangey gold that run through it, providing an understated option among the Chelsea Flower Shirt Show. Buy Now: £65.00


TU England Retro Football Jersey

Retro football shirts are flying off eBay at the moment as everyone looks to get their kit prepared for the World Cup without resorting to the somewhat overpriced official options that the players will have on the pitch. Sometimes you don’t even have to go as far as opening up your laptop, with supermarket Sainsbury’s offering this replica of the 1976 England shirt for a welcome bit of nostalgia before supporting the boys in the beer garden. Buy Now: £20.00


A Day’s March Chino Shorts

What makes a great chino short? Well, a not-too-short length is key – we don’t want to see any borderline budgie smugglers cavorting down the high street; a lightweight summer fabric, cotton twill will do; and then maybe a pastel hue to glisten in the hazy sun. Too busy to find a pair that meets this hefty criteria? Well, not to worry, we’ve found them for you. Buy Now: £55.00


Bremont Waterman Watch

The Bremont Waterman is a serious investment, yet despite the small fortune needed to nab one, this timepiece more than warrants its serious price point. Tested in the most extreme ocean environments and with a blue Kevlar strap, it’s unlikely this watch will ever break on its own accord meaning all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your investment. Buy Now: £4395.00


G.H. Bass Weejuns Leather Loafers

When it comes to fashion battles, nothing is fiercer than the conflict between the leather loafer and the suede iteration. We love both, but leather loafers have that oh-so-shiny-in-the-sun finish and a sturdier construction. We therefore can’t help but recommend these options from OG loafer brand G.H. Bass, which are made in the venetian style replete with a decorative weave pattern around the side. Buy Now: £135.00


Zadig & Voltaire Paolo Pants

No, not a Las Vegas cabaret double-act that also intertwines elements of magic into their ‘show-stopping’ performance, but a French ready-to-wear brand that excels at sleek, rock and roll styled clothing. These trousers aren’t so Keith Richard with a ciggie dangling out his mouth, but they are sleek and the crop means you can show off your Gucci sneakers. Buy Now: £111.00


You As Shell Coach Jacket

This summer NYC menswear label You As has been watching too many John Wayne films, reading too much Kerouac and listening to Springsteen on repeat. As such, its collection leans heavy on the Americana influence. Which is a great thing when it results in this change up of the traditional coach jacket with the white trim across the chest providing a true slice of gun-slinging bravado. Buy Now: £165.00


Dickies Hickory Stripe Bib

Right, we’re still unsure of these but the horde of dungaree-clad boys strutting down Jermyn Street at last week’s London Fashion Week Men’s have caught our curious cat. Whether or not it will die a swift fashion death remains to be seen, but if you want to jump on this trend while it is still seemingly going, then US workwear brand Dickies is a good start seeing as they make bibs for those who actually need to wear them. Buy Now: £80.00


Valentino Drawstring Swim Shorts

If Action Man was a menswear influencer glued to his Instagram account, we’d imagine he would go hard for Italian luxury fashion house Valentino, which is always keen on sprinkling a little camo into its collections. The pattern might be thwarted by the sea being, you know, blue and not green, but it makes a change from the usual twee patterns of shellfish that adorn your regular swim shorts. Buy Now: £290.00


Dr Martens x New Order 1460 Boots

The history of Dr Martens is indelibly linked with music. Eighties bands Madness, The Cure and The Specials were all photographed repping the brand, and now the boot maker has launched three shoes that take the artwork from Joy Division and New Order albums and turned them into pieces of art you can wear on your feet. Buy Now: £140.00


Spiral Bags Tribeca Backpack

Slowly being edged out by the easier to access tote, the backpack still has the advantage of having your hefty back to support all that knick-knack weight you’re stuffing in there. This hefty, but stylish offering from Spiral is a solid choice, the only problem being that you won’t get to see everyone’s admiring glances as they drool with envy at it from behind your back. Buy Now: £29.99


24Bottles Water Bottle

24Bottles was born in 2013 out of a desire to unburden the planet from disposable plastic bottles. Now environmentally friendly is a trend worth giving two hoots about, but the bottles in the 24Bottles are also impeccably chic and far lighter than your conscience if global warming toasts us all to a crisp. Buy Now: £18.00


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