Les Basics x Novesta Le Running Shoe

London-based, Portuguese-made brand Les Basics does exactly as it says on the tin – aka the basics made as elegant as the French do them. Here, the label hooks up with Slovakian sneaker maestros Novesta for a plush running shoe with a leather upper and a suede overlay so you get two luxurious fabrics for the price of one in an opulent creamy stone colour.

Buy Now: £169.00

Superdry Orange Label Softball Ringer T-Shirt

We reckon this gold and green long sleeved tee from Superdry looks a lot like the get-up worn by ordinary teen turned crime-fighting vigilante Kick-Ass in the film of the same name (if you’ve not seen it do – it’s a modern classic). Looking like a superhero is never a bad thing, and in 100 per cent cotton too – that’s a roundhouse kick right in the style chops.

Buy Now: £24.99

R.M. Williams Chinchilla Boots

Despite the name, no chubby rodents were harmed in the making of these Chelsea boots. Instead what we get from the Australian boot-maker is a beautifully burnished leather shoe handcrafted in a sumptuous range of shades – Bordeaux or cognac, sir? We’ll have the whole case.

Buy Now: £460.00

Oliver Spencer Theobald Clarendon Navy Jacket

It really is rather difficult to get a navy unstructured blazer wrong, but it’s even harder to get it better than the rest. Oliver Spencer has somehow managed it time and time again, exemplified by this new update on its classic Theobald model. It’s still incredibly versatile – pop a tee under it and you’ll look like you woke up this chic, wear a shirt instead and you’ll be sorted for a summer wedding, while the sweat-wicking wool and cotton blend means you won’t overheat on the train as you go to and from the office.

Buy Now: £359.00

Salvatore Ferragamo Sunglasses

Sun’s too bright? Better put on the shades. Had too much to drink last night? Shades, duh. Just seen your ex across the street? Quick, whip those shades on pronto. Sunglasses can sort out any and every situation and so it pays to have some good ones to call on. Just as well then that luxury Italian fashion brand Salvatore Ferragamo has released a men’s eyewear capsule collection for such necessary moments. With a vintage design and the iconic backwards horseshoe logo on the hinges these shades are so nice, you’ll be wearing them in a pitch black room.

Buy Now: £235.00

Maison Kitsune Jacquard Dream Amplifier Socks

The AW18 collection for undeniably hip French label Maison Kitsune (they’re also an indie and disco record label – case closed) is everything you could want for when the leaves start to fall and the weather starts to cool. Sleek windbreakers, wool sweaters with foxes stitched into them, stripy scarves – you name it we want it. But it was these two-tone socks with a funky space rocket design that really caught our imagination – to autumn and beyond.

Buy Now: €35.00

YMC x Stan Ray Fanfare Blue Painter Pants

Collabs – they’re like catnip to us and we’ve just caught a whiff of another one bound to whip us into another frenzy. This time it’s impossibly cool, ready-to-wear brand YMC, which is partial to a catnip collab every now and again, and family-run workwear brand Stan Ray with an update on the classic YMC painter pant and shorts in two new colours. There’s an eye dazzlingly bright white and this overdyed turquoise.

Buy Now: £85.00

Fila Carter T-Shirt

Brand repping has reached a whole new stratosphere with the current logo trend, although for sportswear-meets-streetwear brands the look never went away. Created in Italy and now based in South Korea, Fila has been manufacturing sportswear since 1911, and its vintage style suits the trend well, as exemplified by this massive, yet still measured and precise logo tee that gives the name away from miles down the road.

Buy Now: £25.99

Aimé Leon Dore Logo-Embroidered Sweatshirt

The streets are rife with high-fashion streetwear but it takes a rare breed to get it down to a tee. New York label Aimé Leon Dore has certainly perfected the art, with millennial friendly sloganeering – the first part of its name means ‘love’ in French – mixed with timeless style. Case in point: this cotton-fleece sweatshirt with an ultra preppy red striped trim.

Buy Now: £150.00

A.P.C. Cologne Candle

As if cult Parisian label A.P.C. wasn’t satisfied with conquering the world of denim (seriously, you need its selvedge denim jeans in your life) it now wants to light a flame in the world of, erm, candles. Sure on paper it makes no sense but wave its cologne scented candle under your nostrils and then try telling us you need any other candle in your life.

Buy Now: £29.00

KJUS Soren Solid Polo

Golf attire can be shapeless and sweaty work on a muggy summer morning, so what you need is something moisture-absorbing, preferably with built-in UV protection to prevent that deadly golfer’s tan and stylish enough to wear for the obligatory post-round pint. Lucky then that sportswear brand KJUS have a new line of golf polos that tick all those boxes. That’s what we call a hole in one.

Buy Now: £69.00

Citizen Eco-Drive World Perpetual A.T Watch

When it comes to value for money watches you get a great deal of bang for your buck with a timepiece from Japanese watch brand Citizen which has the legacy and technical innovation to more than warrant a glance away from those made by the Swiss. This summer update on its flagship model, the Eco-Drive, not only looks like a watch leagues more expensive than it actually is but it can also sync the time up to 26 cities around the world which are carefully detailed around the bezel.

Buy Now: £369.00

Men-ü Matt Refresh & Moisturise Set

Besides making you down an inordinate amount of water, flight restrictions have probably also seen you cruelly torn away from your favourite toiletries. Remember, if you’re going to carry it on the flight it must be no more than 100ml although if you would rather not have to remember such tedious info, we recommend a flight-friendly dopp kit from Men-ü. This particular kit has a face wash, refresher gel and moisturiser to provide you with everything you need to fight the jet leg – at least as far as your face is concerned – as soon as you land at your destination.

Buy Now: £10.45

Frescobol Carioca Aquarella Swim Shorts

From patterns designed around the street mosaics of Rio de Janeiro to swim shorts that have been inspired by the incandescent spirit of samba, Frescobol Carioca knows how to give its top quality beach wear a top quality backstory to boot. And so we get these dazzling shorts named after ‘Aquarela do Brasil’ one of the best-loved songs from Brazil’s famous bossa nova movement, which has been covered in English by the likes of Kate Bush and Arcade Fire.

Buy Now: £160.00

Topman Pink And White Stripe Shirt

Fancy looking pretty in millennial pink this summer? As an entry-level starter to the shade, you can’t go too far wrong then this vertical stripe shirt from Topman which offsets the bold colour in a lighter, pastel hue with some calming white. Pink works well with grey so pair it with a relaxed trouser in that colour below the waist and some white sneakers for breezy summer style.

Buy Now: £28.00

Brooks England Pickwick Linen Bag

When it comes to making bike saddles Brooks England has got it down, which is just as well seeing as it has been making them for nearly 150 years. It also does a fine range in cycle bags that are designed to stay cool and light while playing piggyback on your tail end but we can’t be letting all those lycra-clad, Bradley Wiggins wannabes have all the sack carrying fun. Invest in this dapper linen carrier that can certainly lay claim to the yellow jersey.

Buy Now: £188.00

Nike Air Max 1 Premium Beach Camo Trainers

Since it was first released in 1987, there has been more iterations and colourways of the Nike Air Max then tears shed at England’s knocking out from the World Cup. And while we’re not best pleased with the latter, we can’t hide our glee at yet another version of the former, with this retro sneaker now being pumped out in a beach camo colour combo that, dare we say it, is arguably one of its best versions ever released.

Buy Now: £109.95

Tommy Hilfiger White and Green T-shirt

Trump, Clooney, Southgate. There are just some second names out there that don’t even need the first and Hilfiger is certainly one of them. So emblazon it across the front of a baseball inspired crew neck in a zingy fresh green and white and you don’t really have to say much more besides – Tommy knows best, and when it comes to summer tees, this one is up there.

Buy Now: £28.00

Mango Man Striped Cotton Jacket

Jackets are real troopers. You spend all winter relying on their comfort and then as soon as summer comes around they’re consigned to the desolate darkness of the back of the wardrobe, spurned like a used-up lover. So let’s give the jacket some summer lovin’ past the month of May, with this featherweight and sunny striped version from Mango which is all cotton, and all you need to be wearing up top this July.

Buy Now: £59.99

Clarks Originals Weaver Ocean Blue Shoes

The man who invented moccasins knew how to do summer right (apparently their origin lies with the Native Americans) and when it comes to shoes in general, well, you can never go too far wrong in Clarks. So we’re as happy as Larry to see the shoe retailer put out its new set of weaver shoes, with a classic moccasin structure and made out of top grade suede in a range of eye-popping colours they also have a raised crepe sole to elevate them above the moccasin crowd.

Buy Now: £110.00