Halle Berry

You couldn’t turn around in the mid-2000s without being greeted by Halle Berry’s face strident on a massive billboard whether for her turn in Bond or for another superhero epic. The textured crop may have sadly disappeared, but the actress is still here, seemingly incapable of ageing like the rest of the world (she’s 51, in case you wondered), while we’re busy smearing anti-age moisturiser on our crow’s feet.

Olivia Culpo

We’re feeling a bout of mea culpo in the office this week, mainly because we have to mix this list up and can’t pick the gorgeous and talented Miss Universe 2012 winner (and one of the hottest women in the world) Olivia Culpo every single week of the year. Don’t worry, she’ll make another return soon enough.

Jasmine Sanders

Going by the nickname Golden Barbie, Jasmine Sanders is a model, Instagram influencer and Kim Kardashian West’s best mate. We’re still hoping we can make it as her action man one day and snag a double date with her and Kanye. A boy can but dream.

Shay Mitchell

Not since the days of Neo and The Matrix has leather and shades looked as good as they do on Pretty Little Liars star, Shay Mitchell. If we ever tried it in the baking heat of Coachella we’d probably end up looking like the burnt insides of a microwave meal, so we’ll stick to the breathable fabrics for now.

Hailey Baldwin

What’s better than one Hailey Baldwin, regular cover star and niece of big bad Billy? Try dozens of Hailey Baldwins staring back at you, head coyly tilted in Coachella’s Instagram-worthy version of a house of mirrors. We’ll leave the guy in the backpack behind though. Sorry, backpack guy.

Cardi B

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or simply deleted all your social media accounts in a foolish attempt at a digital cleanse (you can’t escape, so don’t even try), you’ll have been hearing a lot about Cardi B recently. The American rapper has gone straight to the top of the US charts with her new album and whatever side you fall on in the Cardi B/Nicki Minaj beef, you have to appreciate the talent of the two women.

Beyonce Knowles

How could we not? Queen Bey is now into the third decade of her stratospheric career, just had her third child and after all that has just snuck in what is surely one of the most historic musical performances of our time while headlining Coachella last weekend. We try not to stray into hyperbole, but with Beyonce, we simply are not worthy – cue Wayne’s World bow.

Victoria Beckham

Will they? Won’t they? No we’re not speculating whether David and Victoria Beckham should get matching his and hers haircuts (they definitely should), but whether or not The Spice Girls will reform in time to play the royal wedding’s after-party bash. Beckham certainly has a colossal pop comeback sized secret to hide under those massive shades so we’ll take that as a ‘yes’.

Thandie Newton

Jumpsuits are great, especially ones with a head-spinning circle design that has you feeling like you’ve been glugging ayahuasca in a baking Californian dessert. British actress Thandie Newton is also great, especially in the equally trippy science fiction TV show Westworld, but this is all too freaky for us so we’re going to need a lie down now.

Amy Schumer

We’re big fans of 2001’s cult classic Shallow Hal so when we heard there was a new film resting on it’s premise of a superficial person whose outlook is changed positively in a moment of hypnosis, we were filled with glee. While Shallow Hal starred the comedy giant Jack Black, I Feel Pretty stars Amy Schumer, and we couldn’t think of anyone better to subvert the trope for the modern tribulations of the dating scene in 2018.