For most of the 21st century, skinny jeans have ruled the denim world with a choke-like grip on your upper thighs. The silhouette is sharp, slim and flattering with some undeniable rock ‘n’ roll heritage – a natural heir to the counter culture beatniks who were among the first introduced skinny fits to the menswear wardrobe back in the 1950s.

Skinny jeans still remain wildly popular, but there are signs that their grip is loosening as wider fits begin to stake a claim to that denim crown. They’ve made an impact on the catwalk for the last few years, but now the public is realising just how forgiving the cut is for us mere mortals as well.

As such, one of the key denim destinations on the high street, Topman, has answered the call and brought a striking new style into its playbook of jeans – the wide leg crop – to sit handsomely alongside its collection of tried and tested favourites.

Here we take a gander at the new cut, showing you how to slot it into your everyday ‘fits, along with four other top denim trends you need to be on top of at the moment.

Wider Legs

The wide-leg cut that has risen in popularity over the last few seasons is all about turning heads and reclaiming circulation for your lower limbs.

Topman’s new wide-leg cropped jeans also come with a higher hem, creating a visual break on your look that plays with traditional proportions and shows off your prized footwear. The skatewear-inspired style also stops extra rolls of fabric pooling around your ankles – an unfortunate consequence on other (lesser) wide-legged trousers.

For styling, your new favourite jeans play it relaxed and cool with a sweatshirt. One with a ribbed hem will cinch in at the waist, bringing shape to your outfit. Make sure the cropped hem sits about an inch above your ankle – you may need to get a size length up or down if this isn’t quite right.

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Light & Mid-Wash

Mid-wash jeans really are among man’s best friend, as Jerry Seinfeld always knew. One of the most accessible and versatile garments out there they’ll slot in with just about any style you’re trying to chase. Smart-casual with an Oxford shirt and a blazer? Of course. Jazzing up Sunday sweats? Clamber on board.

Light and mid-wash jeans have undergone a longer washing process to remove more of the indigo dye colour which means lighter pairs are often softer and therefore better suited to casual looks while darker washes are crisper and work well smartened up.

For a true blue finish, wear yours with colours that match them tonally. Light blue, classic navy and crisp white look magic sat alongside them. Yet another reason to dust off your favourite white tee.

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Playing to denim’s hardy workwear origins, distressed jeans finished with rips, blowouts and knee slashes create a focal point in your outfit like few trouser styles are capable of.

There are three types of rip in the distressed denim canon. You have scrapes which are just scratches on the surface, shreds where the fabric has been torn and holes which you can peek through.

The main styling point to remember here: the more rips on your jeans, the simpler your outfit around it should be. Style your outfit around your denim. Black blends into black nicely. Steer away from patterns, and keep the sneakers box fresh. Ripped jeans only work through their calculated messiness. You need everything kept as tidy and neat as possible for the formula to succeed.

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Nineties Styles

Everyone’s partying like they’re Prince and it’s 1999 at the moment, with nostalgia riding a massive wave of popularity among the fashion crowd. Chunky dad trainers, rugby shirts, bumbags – all heirlooms of the decade style supposedly forgot, and all key pieces for 2019.

And it doesn’t get more 90s than a pair of straight legged, light wash jeans. They work best with other retro throwbacks and especially oversized sweatshirts and tees that fit the slouchy, laidback vibe you want to go after. Also think about wearing bold, colour blocking shades up top that will create a punchy contrast with the light jeans below.

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Rock Star

From punk rockers through to hip-hop superstars, slim and skinny jeans have long been synonymous with cool, class and grabbing the attention of a whole stadium of people. Wider fits might be making an appearance, but everyone’s go-to cut isn’t done yet.

With slim, skinny and certainly spray-on fits, you want to go with some bulk up top to create contrast and build a superhero V-shape from your shoulders. The thickness of a leather jacket would be perfect in this regard (no wonder rock stars are keen on the combo) as would the billowing cut of a bomber jacket.

Chelsea boots or a slim pair of sneakers keep the silhouette lean and mean. Don’t go too bulky on your shoes, as this will draw eyes away from that all-important V.

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